Forbidden Apple: TSA Worker Arrested After Allegedly Stealing iPad and Stuffing It Down His Pants

Transportation Security Administration employee Nelson Santiago, 30, allegedly had a keen eye and an even quicker hand in manning a TSA security checkpoint at the Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Santiago is accused of stealing $50,000 worth of electronics over the last six months from passengers — often selling the items before the end of his shift. Police say that he was nailed after a Continental employee saw him steal an iPod and stuff it down his shorts.

It is the forbidden apple story with a modern twist.

Santiago allegedly would post photos of his goods online to sell them.

He is currently charged with two counts of grand theft.

Police say that he admitted to the thefts.

Source: Broward Palm Beach

5 thoughts on “Forbidden Apple: TSA Worker Arrested After Allegedly Stealing iPad and Stuffing It Down His Pants”

  1. So, is that an iPad in your shorts or are you just happy to screen me?

  2. eniobob,

    These technologies are already used at US Customs checkpoints, but I think will eventually be ported to TSA checkpoints and then common traffic stops. Among other things this will help to sell “cloud based” computing as users worry about increasing government searches and what they can get off of these devices.

  3. Hey, this is the free market in action….I got it free right…

  4. puzzling:

    Isn’t it funny how we have been programmed to think that we must keep all our information on devices like computers,phones of all kinds.
    Our forefathers didn’t have these devices and yet they survived.

    My grandkids can’t believe that there were no cell phones when I was coming up,they ask “how did you survive ?” :=)

  5. While today we’re worried about TSA agents stealing technology to resell it, I am more concerned with TSA plans for stealing personal data right from our phones at checkpoints. Here’s the technology to do it:

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