The (Nearly) Frozen (Not So) Dead

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Submitted by Gene Howington, Guest Blogger

An unidentified 50 year old asthmatic South African man has a chilling story to tell.  Taphophobia is the fear of being buried alive.   Last Saturday in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa, the  man went to sleep and almost had that fear come true.  His family, thinking he was dead, called a local undertaker to come get the body.  The undertaker then transfered the undead body to a local mortuary where morgue owner Ayanda Maqolo checked the body for a pulse and found nothing.  The body was put in body bag and then to a freezer for storage.  Much to the surprise of the mortuary workers, who thought they were hearing a ghost at first, some twenty-one hours later the man woke up inside the freezer and began calling for help.  “He screamed for help and made an almighty din in the morgue,” said Eastern Cape health spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo.  The man was taken by ambulance to Saint Barnabas Hospital where he was treated for hypothermia and dehydration and released.  His family was having a meeting to discuss funeral arrangements when they were informed he was still alive.  They were, of course, delighted to have the grandfather back and unharmed. Ayanda Magolo, however, did experience some side-effects.”I couldn’t sleep last night, I had nightmares,” he said. “But today I’m much better.” South African officials are reminding people that it is not a good idea to pronounce a person dead yourself and call the undertaker.  Such evaluations should be made by paramedics, doctors or other qualified personnel.

Source: BBC, AP, Times Live

~Submitted by Gene Howington, Guest Blogger

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  2. Old Gene has two hands on his “war-sword” alrighty. Right up until his mommy calls him up from the basement.

  3. Bdaman,

    Save it for the porn sites

    Nah I don’t comment on those sites I just like to look at the pictures 🙂

  4. This is why people held ‘wakes’. somebody had to sit with the body for a day or two in case they were not really dead.

  5. Taphophobia is more common than many people realize. Wills have been written with an instruction for the undertaker to cut off their head or inject them with a poison before burial. They want to be sure they do not awaken in a coffin that has been buried. This may sound like the stuff of jokes, but to the sufferer of this (or any other) phobia, the fear and anxiety controls their everyday life.

  6. Good job Gene. I saw that story this morning. I wonder if he woke up like I do each morning with a stiffie 🙂

  7. “I for one shall be looking foward to your next post as to why Lady Gaga wears meat.”

    Then you’re going to be disappointed yet again, Roco.

  8. Depends on how snooty I want to come off. The problem is if you pronounce it fort, you get strange stares, even though it is more historically accurate. I bet it is one of those goofy anglicized words that the English take pride in butchering. See fillet for example

  9. Gene H:

    that was a great story, good work.

    I think you have found your calling, fun stories suitable for a tabloid magazine. I for one shall be looking foward to your next post as to why Lady Gaga wears meat.

  10. I read this this morning,I don’t think there was any kind of “chivalry”going on amongst the morgue workers as they exited.LOL!!!

  11. Didn’t George Washington leave instructions that he could not be buried for three days … just in case he wasn’t dead. I remember being told that on a tour of Mt. Vernon.

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