Mc-Statesman And The “Deceivers”

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

The battle over raising the debt ceiling has made some interesting bedfellows and even more intriguing and perplexing moments. At this instant, we are awaiting the vote on Speaker Boehner’s Plan which has been delayed to allow the mainline Republicans to scurry about coaxing tea partiers off their high horses named “No Taxes,” and “Cut Government.” For his part, Boehner has the distinct look of the bridegroom anxiously waiting at the legislative altar while the cavorting bride finishes up at the  ‘No, no Nanette” (you’ll recall that ditty, “Tea For Two.’) themed bachelorette party over at Michele Bachmann’s encounter group/ chapel/ballroom.

Boehner’s position is curious. Knowing full well his tea party friendly plan is DOA in Harry Reid’s Senate and faces a certain veto in the event of a Democratic Senate tram crash, he plods on, orange tan intact, but lubricated with enough sweat to float the barges building Palin’s “Bridge to Nowhere.”

Enter now that modern day Solon and runner-up Presidential candidate, John McCain, sounding almost, well, statemanesque. Decrying the newbies in the Congress flush with conservative street cred, our Senator from Cactus, is shocked–shocked — shocked that the Young Turks actually meant what they said about wanting to throw the federal government in a bathtub and choke the life out of it. And if there’s no porcelain around, a debt ceiling spiked with a balanced budget amendment will do nicely for the moral horde who took Washington by storm in the last election cycle, armed with a nose chain Grover Norquist pledge to oppose ANY new taxes — even closing loopholes for the Mark Cubans’/Richard Gates’ of the world. What do you mean  a seven year depreciation write off for my Gulfstream 5?  Anything more than five years is positively Marxian.  Next, you’ll be rescinding the cake donations for the poor charitable deduction!

The venerable Senate dinosaur was unimpressed by the kiddies’ hijinks that threaten to force the nation into default and lead to a downgrade of our credit rating even as we claw from the mire of the Bush-borne recession. “Bizarro” and “Deceivers,” he cried as he rose to speak in the great well of the Senate. “Too little, too late,” said we as we sat down in forlorn disgust in our upside down mortgaged homes. Here he is  sounding like a grownup even as we are all thinking  that this is the guy who almost put Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the nuclear codes:

Source: Washington Post

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

78 thoughts on “Mc-Statesman And The “Deceivers””

  1. SwM,

    I see from the picture on your latest link that Eric Cantor is now at the table … we’re truly doomed

  2. Sorry Sparky….the money was not taken until the Bush Dynasty decided it could write bad bonds….FDR’s policy was sound….Just like the Glass act….bur greed knows no generation…..some just stockpile wealth the honest way, while others have to jackboot everyone else…Think of the money being made in Mexico….

  3. The trust fund was raided the moment it began. The government is not permitted to save money like that.

  4. McCain has zero credibility with other pols. His constituency is the Beltway press. What he thinks is irrelevant.

  5. Yeah Frank as Kdponzi said:

    “Also Frank, that trust fund of yours has already been spent, so that minor tweaking will mean borrowing an additional 2.5 trillion just to cover SS shortfalls until 2038 I believe. Also, it was not converted into bonds, it was cionverted into IOUs.”

    And Don’t forget that BUSH started the SS Robbery Scheme….another hit for Prescott to end some relief started under FDR….If you look at history….it all makes total sense…..

    That is why it is ok for you neighbor to bury contaminated material in his own yard so long as the stream flows down hill….

    I really question what quality of life people like Kdponzi really have….

  6. Also Frank, that trust fund of yours has already been spent, so that minor tweaking will mean borrowing an additional 2.5 trillion just to cover SS shortfalls until 2038 I believe. Also, it was not converted into bonds, it was cionverted into IOUs.

  7. Frank, you misguided fool. Yu are forgetting the implosion of the tech bubble that promptly put the budget back into the red even before any of Bush’s tax cuts went into effect. Then let’s not forget the ballooning of federal spending uner Clinton, Bush, and now Obama. Also, it takes 60 votes in the senate to control Congress, meaning the repuclicans never “controlled” Congress in recent times.

  8. Also Klownboy – how can you claim that the money for my retirement has already been collected but it has gone to pay for older workers retirement? It was collected and converted into government bonds. That defines a type of insurance not a ponzi.

  9. No Klownboy – the budget was balanced when your Visigoths invaded in 2000. The current shortfall is caused by Boy Blunders disastrous tax cuts & even more disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    BTW – Republic have controlled Congress for 14 of the last 18 years, and each Republic Congress spent more than President Clinton asked for.

    Some very minor tweaking would fix Medicare and SS is already paid for through the middle of this century if only your vandals were not sacking DC.

  10. Sen. McCain’s courage yesterday was short-lived. He practically wet his pants on Hannity’s show explaining that his comments were certainly not intended to be critical of the Tea Party.

  11. Tinfoil Elf, are you talking to yourself again? That’s not a good sign. Double your meds, get rest. Don’t expose yourself to stimuli that may cause more outbursts like these.

  12. Kdponzi,

    No one is addressing you…Unless, you really do have RatShit4Brains or are the Master of Tinfoil…..Your delusions are taking over…once again…..ring the bell….maybe they can get you the proper meds…I hear it takes time…but maybe something will work…at some point…

  13. Tinfoil elf Boy, it’s such a shame tata your lucid state did not last. Go get some rest now. You can come out and play later.

  14. AN,

    They probably took out the “clapper”….I am hoping that they place the Tinfoil Master in isolation for his own safety….

    But I am hoping…..

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