10 thoughts on “Dancing Under the Gallows”

  1. That is a powerful video, Mike, and a great way to end my day.

  2. To make life easier.
    More beautiful.
    To love Life.

    That for me is the blossoming of a soul.

  3. Mike S.

    Knowing ones history is key.This is so lacking in the Black community and it really hurts.
    Not being able to tell young ones from where they come from,not being able to tell what their own family members have contributed along the way of their journeys.
    So very important.

  4. Thanks Mike. There is beauty in the world. That video made me smile, but under the smile there is a seething anger as well. I am old enough to remember the first pictures coming out of the camps…..

    I was young, but those images are seared into my memory, made even more vivid because I have met survivors. I have a dear friend, recently departed, who was sent to Buchenwald. He was an American airman, captured by the SS after his bomber was shot down. He weighed less than a hundred pounds when he was liberated. I knew about the classical music, but there is that other drumbeat that will not go away.

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