26 thoughts on “Richard Feynman On Flying Saucers”

  1. Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock is one of my favorites.

    Eclectic is my middle name

  2. Well I regret to announce that I think there is significant evidence that there is and has been alien visitation to Earth. That evidence decreases the unlikelihood Feynman talks of, but yes he’s right it is unlikely. I’m unfortunately in the Velikovsky – Sitchin – Hancock camp regarding world history. Nobody’s perfect.

  3. Otteray Scribe:

    actually capitalism does work, it is statism that doesnt.

    Feynman also said that he never tries to do any thing that does not comport with reality. Marxist economic theory does not comport with reality which is it why it doesnt work as we are seeing now.

  4. Michaelb,

    Thanks, but I ate all of those vids a while back.

    My favorite Feynman moment was reading the first couple of pages of his QED lectures, stopping and thinking “OF COURSE! How simple!” …then getting up to make tea as I ruminated over what he just revealed and by the time I had filled the kettle realizing I couldn’t remember a single thing. It took me about 6 months to read and read and re-read that beautiful thin book of less than 100 pages and I still to this day can’t make all of it stay in my brain without resorting to a re-read.. Quantum physics is just so bizarre…incredibly beautiful, but somehow sneakily ephemeral. The fact that Feynman could pin it down so elegantly is a testament to his genius.

  5. Anon – I’d suggest turning the brightness up on you PC but, in your case, it wouldn’t help.

  6. anon,

    Good morning to you, may you and your browser#(s) be able to be refreshed….

  7. Would you guys keep your shit down? My goddamned browser keeps on crashing with smug overload whenever I swing by a non-Turley post here.

  8. Wonderful rebuttal to that canard that scientists have irrational “faith” in the scientific method. That which is relied upon based on verifiable and reproducable proofs and which tends to make a proposition more or less likely is science, not faith. In fact, it’s really rationality in action.

  9. Quantum Physics…..Do we really understand all that is before us….should we? Or should we try and understand and evolve….which would involve control…..but control of ones own thoughts…rather than being subjugated to the ideals of others… being a sponge … and following others…..

    Whether they (flying saucers) exist in reality or not…it cannot be said that they do not exist in ones mind…if one honestly believes that they do….

    Good topic nal….

  10. “Aliens” from Earth or “aliens” from space conjure up fear.

    The movie Independence Day is an example of ignorance and fear invading the realm of the scientific thinking of some moviemakers.

    The emotional condition that blinds the cognitive faculties originates in the Id / Amygdala.

  11. Great video. Feynman just managed to explain in a few words how the Tea Party economic theory works.

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