Illinois Attorney Charged With Attempted Murder-For-Hire of Girlfriend’s (and Client’s) Ex-Husband

Illinois divorce attorney Jason W. Smiekel, 29, has been charged with trying to hire someone to kill his girlfriend’s ex-husband. Smiekel represented his girlfriend in the divorce. The undercover ATF officer claimed that Smiekel said the man had knowledge of possible criminal conduct and would soon give that evidence in a hearing.

The affidavit states in part:

Jason is an attorney and had recently represented his girlfriend in her divorce case. Jason indicated his girlfriend’s ex-husband, the intended victim, has information about Jason that could get Jason in trouble and lead to a criminal indictment. Jason had wanted to have the intended victim killed prior to a court appearance that was scheduled to be held on Friday, July 29, 2011.

Jason said he previously paid two males a total of $8,000 to murder the intended victim, with the understanding that an additional $7,000 would be paid upon completion of the task. Jason indicated that the two males took off with the $8,000 and never committed the murder. Jason asked if the CI could “get it done” and Jason indicated that he was willing to pay up to $25,000 for the murder.

Since Smiekel used a cellphone, it is being treated as a federal offense that crossed state lines. I continue to find such jurisdictional claims troubling. Cellphones are now ubiquitous — making federal jurisdiction virtually discretionary for law enforcement even when, as here, the crime appears contained with Illinois.

Smiekel was implicated by a friend who he had asked to help find a hitman. The friend called the ATF and offered to help nail Smiekel — ultimately wearing a wire. The undercover agent met outside a restaurant and promised to make it look like a boatched robbery. He allegedly received $7,000 as a down payment.

This is why I finally had to return from France. I was tired of the French murder-by-bad-escargot cases. No one does murder (or attempted murder) like the U.S. of A.

Source: Chicago Tribune

21 thoughts on “Illinois Attorney Charged With Attempted Murder-For-Hire of Girlfriend’s (and Client’s) Ex-Husband”

  1. Batman,
    Ive seen other blogs you have commented on and everyone you only defend jason and not the girlfriend. Nobody should be listening to you because your related to jason and dont want to see him be put away.
    There isnt any proof that the girlfriend had anything to do with it. She was already interviewed countless times. They no longer have suspect that she was in on the plan. But even if she was its jasons fault, if you are a lawyer id expect you to know the law enough and have a brain and think “gee i could probly get into alot of trouble for this.” Plus the girlfriend didnt want the ex husband to be killed shes most likely still getting/trying to get child support from him and its her sons father.


  3. Maggie, probably busy making a deal to be a witness instead of an accomplice.

  4. And to think….you’d thought he’d thunk….but it appears he is sunk….and will be smelling like a punk….

  5. And who do ya think he got the pics of the guy from??? The “Girlfriend” that’s WHO!

  6. Well it goes to show how much you ppl “so close” to the situation know? He represented The Ex Husband, NOT the “Girlfriend”

  7. Rafflaw,

    You just found yourself some business.
    But, make sure you get a hell of a retainer…

  8. This attorney works in the town next to mine in a family law firm that is well known in McHenry County. It is a very sad situation if it is true.

  9. it’s attempted murder…isn’t that against Both State and federal Laws????!

    I have lived in many Sates, and 1 Country…if anyone attempted to have me killed I would hope they ALL would stand between me and any criminal intent …the Constitution says it is not nice, all the States I have paid taxes to have said it is not nice…..also NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  10. Just goes to show that passing the bar is not necessarily a sign of intelligence. The point mentioned about making this a federal crime is disturbing. One would think that if there is a viable case against this man, he could be effectively tried and punished under state law. Sometimes I think the Feds get involved in easy cases, just because they’re easy to win.

  11. “Jason is an attorney and had recently represented his girlfriend in her divorce case.”


  12. What is it they say about the cover-up?

    The hit men take his money and run. The friend turns him in and takes part in the sting.

    What kind of information could the ex-husband have had that would be any worse than this?

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