6 thoughts on “Meet Marco Tempest: IPod Magician”

  1. That’s it I am going to get an Android….Google just bought Motorola Mobile for the patents I am sure for 12.5 billion cash….btw…the Android mkt is going to take away apples Iphone business…it is estimated that 500,000 activated cell phones a day are android based….

  2. Close up illusion work requires an uncommon level of skill. A great fun video.

  3. Not to be a kill joy because I love magic a lot but there are only two tricks here. Slight of hand & his use of the phone. The phone is easy if you think about it for a second.

    The guy needs to work on his slight of hand a bit because you can see his carries in at least 3 places on the film. They are very hard to get away with given the very close work he is doing.

    Still it is nicely done, a cute use of the technology and fun to watch.

  4. I see some of these TED talks — this one included — and how wonderfully received they are — and I agree with Marco — there is a lot of self-deception going on.

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