Will a Bad Movie Make For Good Science? Europeans Plan Mission To Destroy Asteroid

It made for one of the worst movies of all time, but the plot of Armageddon is now the operational plans for the European Space Agency. The ESA plans to fire a satellite at an asteroid in 2015 to see if it can destroy (or change the course) of an asteroid. Since Armageddon almost destroyed the career of Bruce Willis, there is hope for ESA.

The target may be a 1600ft-wide asteroid called 99942 Apophis, which has a one in 250,000 chance of hitting Earth in 2036. They will use Hidalgo, which will ram into the asteroid at a speed of around six miles a second. That is either a space craft or, with Spain’s plunge into bankruptcy, the Europeans are playing to shoot persons of the Spanish nobility into space.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Gyges,

    Your revision is accepted. Now we need to have an “Iron Chef”-type competition with a three as theme ingredients (you must use all three in each dish) – that would be worth seeing! (I’m not sure about eating, though… ;-))

  2. Mike,

    I suggest giving Ghost Story a chance – in my opinion its the best Dresden book yet (I’d say more, but I want to avoid any additional spoilers – suffice to say, if you liked the other 12 [plus Side Jobs], then you’re probably going to like this). I think Jim set himself a steep challenge at the end of Changes and met it with colors flying in Ghost Story. I’ll put Amber on my reading list (almost as good as Goofy… um… I mean “Lord of Light” is a pretty high recommendation in my book [pun intended]).


    You obviously have a better mind than me… I will, however, disqualify your first answer on account of sauerkraut being vile (as George Carlin said, these are my rules, I make them up).

  3. Slarti,

    Nope, Kevin.

    Garlic and chocolate go great together, unless you get a little more specific about chocolate type.

    Sauerkraut, choke cherry syrup, and refried beans, or soy, oats, and kiwi.

    It’s actually not that hard of a challenge, you just have to pick from three different food cultures.

  4. “I always liked “Lord of Light” – the only Zelaszny I’ve ever read…”

    Lord of Light is perhaps one of the greatest SF Fantasy books ever written.
    The Amber Series is almost just as great, but has the advantage of being longer. Heed Gyges advice though and read the series up to “The Courts of Chaos”. Corwin of Amber is a most compelling hero. The followup books featuring his son Martin are simply nowhere near the others in quality.

    “Just finished Use of Weapons which might be my favorite Culture novel.”


    I agree I was thrilled by it.

    As to the whole bacon issue, even being Jewish I admit it tastes good, but remember I’m the guy with the heart transplant. My eating habits played no small part in my need. Eat too much of this crap and your cardiologist will thrive. Just the pedantic rumblings of an ex-fat/salt addict, pay no mind……..or should you?

  5. “He thinks it’s similar to the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher (my favorite current author)”


    I read 1 through 12 of the Dresden Files and liked it very much. I have 13, but haven’t read it. The Amazon blurb gave away too much and the thought of Harry becoming incorporeal was just to much to take. How screwed can a hero get? I share my kindle with my son-in-law and he has all the Simon Green stuff. I’ll check him out.

  6. Gene, Slartibartfast, LOL, you guys are a hoot. G’night all, talking to ya has been a treat 🙂

  7. lotta ^..^

    I’m most certainly going to try the bacon bowls, but I think I’m going to fill them with a spinach salad with diced tomato, mushrooms and sauteed red onion.

    And off in the distance, a cardiologist tosses and turns in an uneasy sleep . . .

  8. lotta ^..^,

    I had my bacon crumbled up with cheese in an omelette earlier today. I used a normal plate and fork.

  9. Gene, The perfect ‘sweet’ with bacon is tomato’s IMO. If you get a nice round one and cut it horizontaly you can contemplate Pi and eat simultaniously. If you weave your bacon into a bacon-bowl and bake it ’til it’s done and crispy, you can then fill it with scrambled eggs and sprinkle heavily with tomato, pepper and onion confetti. I’ve saved the directions for making the bowl and see a bacon bowl in my future- all I have is some smaller Pyrex bowls but they will work. I’m an animal, I’d just eat it/them with my hands. Ummmm, bacon.


  10. Slartibartfast,

    I’m not sure about the flux capacitor, but I think I’ve got a vortex manipulator around here somewhere. Bad for you, but it gets the job done.

  11. Gene,

    I don’t like pie based on principle (except for key lime and lemon… um… you know, it starts with a “M” and usually has whipped cream on top [I’m too tired to spill this]). A friend of mine posed a conundrum – find three ingredients, all of which are good but none of which go together. So far all I’ve got is garlic and chocolate, but I’m pressing on… Anyway, I’m going to call it a night before I completely lose coherence, so I’ve got to get to work on a TARDIS so I can accomplish that… You wouldn’t happen to have a spare flux capacitor lying around, would you?

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