Appellate Lawyer Of The Week Interview

I was honored recently to be selected as the Appellate Lawyer of the Week featured in the National Law Journal. Here is the interview. The interview was a chance to speak with one of the great legal journalists, Tony Mauro, whom I have long admired.

Tony Mauro is one of those rare cases of a journalist who covers the courts (particularly the Supreme Court) with a full understanding of both the jurisprudence and the jurists. Many (including myself) view him as the gold standard for commentators and reporters covering the courts. It was a delight to again sit down with Tony to discuss a couple of our recent cases.

3 thoughts on “Appellate Lawyer Of The Week Interview”

  1. Excellent interview and excellent explanations of your current cases. Well done.

  2. I am sure he is what you describe….

    I like this out of the bit on Mr. Mauro:

    Mauro has long encouraged fellow journalists to support openness and freedom of the press. If journalists don’t press the case for access and press freedom, he says, no one else will. In 1990, columnist Nat Hentoff wrote, “Of all Supreme Court reporters, Tony Mauro has been the most determined to persuade the justices to let television cameras in for oral arguments.”

    I don’t see why they don’t already….It is nothing more than a Dog and Pony Show…I recall one Justice I knew…gave me a glancing wink during Orals….surprise, I won…..I like those decisions….

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