Ohio Man Arrested After Romp With Raft

While Edwin Tobergta, 32, may not be the first man to grow attached to an inflatable friend, he may be the first to develop such an amorous relationship with an inflatable pool raft. Tobergta was arrested after being spotted naked and having sex with the raft. This was not the first inflatable vixen that led Togergta astray.

Tobergta has been convicted several times for public indecency, including a 2002 incident involving sex with a four-foot inflatable Halloween pumpkin.

Notably, Tobergta has previously asked for psychiatric help, but it is not clear if any such help was given to him. At a time when states are slashing budgets, such individuals are more likely to go without such assistance or intervention in the coming years — a serious concern for mental health professionals. After the prior incident, relatives asked for assistance for Togergta and said that it was psychiatric treatment – not jail – that was needed.

Source: 700wlw as first seen on Reddit.

30 thoughts on “Ohio Man Arrested After Romp With Raft”

  1. yeah it’s just rafts and inflatable pumpkins now but what about later when it’s bouncy houses and blimps

  2. Mike,

    That was funny…. How about the 2-R.I.D.E…….

    Romping Raft…..


    That is for ease of….

  3. As a representative of RIDE (Raft Indecency Defense Establishment) I want to chastise you on making fun of the serious issue of sexual exploitation of innocent water conveyances. Have a little empathy please.

  4. With what part of the raft does one “consort”? -Jay S.

    The cup holder, perhaps…

  5. I’m having technical problems here….. With what part of the raft does one “consort”? A raft would seem to lack certain female attributes. Aren’t there inflatable female dolls more equipped for this?

  6. Is this a missing episode of “Two and a Half Men”……or yet to be produced…..Alan…

  7. enibob – it was the GREAT pumpkin, just don’t tell Linus!

    Hopefully his fetish will remain inanimate inflatables & nobody is hurt.

  8. ” including a 2002 incident involving sex with a four-foot inflatable Halloween pumpkin”

    So the question is “was it a good big one or a big good one?”

  9. Such is the state of mental health treatment in America today. Mental health centers have become a joke, and even with insurance it is hard to get a stay in a psychiatric hospital for more than three days to a week. I got a bulletin from the American Psychological Association the other day that is worth sharing. The gist of the article is that BC/BS in Florida is slashing reimbursement rates for mental health care.


    This is not isolated, but a growing trend by for-profit insurance companies to enhance their bottom line at the expense of people such as Edwin Tobergta. After all, if he is in jail instead of a mental hospital, they get to keep that premium money. Yet the taxpayers still have to take care of this guy. And it is safe to say that he will be back, again and again until he is declared an habitual offender and locked up for good.

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