Mom Tans While Baby Cooks: Colorado Mom Arrested After Leaving Baby In Car With Temperatures Reaching 135 Degrees

We have followed the cruelty of people who leave their pets in over-heated cars. Now we have Imene Nouis, 31, who was arrested after going into a tanning salon and leaving her 1-year-old baby in a car with closed windows and an internal temperature of 135 degrees.

It was 86 degrees outside so she should have known better. What is really shocking is the statistic that twenty-five children a year die as a result of being left in hot cars.

According to reports, a customer saw the child in the car and told the salon staff who found the baby crying and called police. However, the baby was returned ultimately to Nouis who says “I had a bad judgment.” Well, yes.

The fact that the baby was returned to Nouis so quickly is remarkable. She is now facing a child abuse charge.

18 thoughts on “Mom Tans While Baby Cooks: Colorado Mom Arrested After Leaving Baby In Car With Temperatures Reaching 135 Degrees”

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  2. You can send her to parenting class… but maybe parenting should be taught to all of us… End the schools already. They’re not helping at all.

  3. Blouise

    at one time i had a pet rabbit. he chewed the insulation off of the power cords and kept kicking the pomeranian so we had to give him away. the hard part was teaching the dobie he wasn’t a snack.

  4. SwM,

    I hear you … I once inherited a rabbit my oldest daughter and her friends had as a dorm pet. Fantastic pet … she would sit beside me on the couch and watch T.V. She was cage trained (bathroom) and made no noise except a loud thumping with her foot when she heard a strange noise.

  5. Blouise, I am just a dog grandparent. I have custody of one and now daughter rescued a dog from the Bastrop shelter where the fires are.

  6. Yes, fer gawds sakes put them in the trunk before you go so nobody see ’em, breaks in & steals ’em!

    Really, some people are just idiots who should not be allowed within 500 feet of a kid. You want to drive a car, you have to pass a test, you want to fish you have to get a license and be familiar with the rules . . . you want to have a kid – HEY JUST GO FOR IT!!

  7. Elaine,

    Sounds delicious … be sure and let us know when your duties formally begin … we can trade stories. SwM was asking about you so I’m certain she will be glad to read your post.

  8. Thank you Jeff for a voice of sanity.

    Just say no thank you to stupid zero tolerance idiots who only succeed in making bad policies worse.

    Not sure why Isabel feels the need for scare quotes around “forgot”. I assume she’s accusing the father of murder.

    There are tragic accidents: forgetting the toddler was in the car and going to bed, to work, etc.

    There are intended acts: leaving the baby in the car while tanning.

    Even a dumbass like me can differentiate the two and determine who should be in jail.

  9. ” A young child should NEVER be left alone in a car–no matter what the temperature is! ”

    Yes, generally speaking this is true, but exceptions should be made in cases such as leaving a sleeping child in the car while it is sleeting outside and you are a few feet from the car which is still within eyesight, and only gone for a couple of minutes

  10. Blouise,

    I was on vacation in Maine for a week with my husband, daughter, son-in-law, and little granddaughter. That’s why I wasn’t commenting at the blog or writing any posts.

    We headed up to Westport Island–ahead of Hurricane Irene. Even though the island didn’t appear to be hard hit by the storm, we were without electricity for nearly two days. That meant no water! We decided to rent a room at the Hampton Inn in Bath one night so we could all take showers and bathe the baby.

    I haven’t started nanny duty yet. My daughter probably won’t be returning to work until at least November. Still, I visit with my daughter and son-in-law often, help with the baby, and prepare some meals for them. In fact, I’ll be heading up to their house today and be having dinner with my daughter. I’m going to make sole stuffed with lobster tails baked in white wine and served with a reduction sauce made with the wine/fish juices, butter, and shallots. I made it for my husband Sunday night and he loved it!

    Our little ones grow up so fast. I understand how your daughter feels. My granddaughter Julia Anna is one-month-old today!

  11. This woman should not be caring for this child. At what stage of her life will it become important to take care of a child at all times? She is 31 years old and she did not think she needed to bring the child in with her. Her time is up.

  12. Elaine,

    How’s nanny-duty? Dropped off my 3 year old granddaughter for her first day of pre-school … she walked right in with no crying and got busy … her mother on the other hand cried all the way back to the car.

    I sent a picture of her walking into the classroom attached to this video to her dad.

  13. Elaine is, of course, right. For God’s sake, take the baby into the tanning salon with you.

    I too am surprised they just handed the baby over to her.

    We had a tragic experience here in the DC area a few years ago when a father “forgot” one of his toddler daughters was still strapped into her car seat when he pulled his mini-van into his driveway and left it parked in the sun. She died. Part of the problem was that there were ten or so kids in this family and he had a problem “keeping track” of them. I think he’s in the slammer.

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