Moon Shot: New Photo Shows Preserved Footprints and Evidence of Apollo Landings

This extraordinary picture was just released by NASA showing the footprints, moon buggy ruts, and garbage left by the Apollo astronauts from 1969 to 1972. Not exactly low impact camping, but pretty cool. Of course, there will be some who will insist that this is just a photoshopped image to continue the lie that we ever went to the moon.

Images were taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter from 13 to 15 miles above the moon.

If you can get there, you can get a nice tricked out ride. The astronauts left the moon buggy and it will take and 10 million to 100 million years for dust to cover it.

Source: MSNBC

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  1. I’ll have to second LK’s “Moon” recommendation. Excellent film. Well acted and directed. And a bit of trivia: freshman Director Duncan Jones is no stranger to science fiction. He was born Zowie Bowie.

  2. From the linked article:
    “The closest images are of the 1972 Apollo 17 site, the last moon mission.”

    Great timing, The pic was released a couple of days after the movie “Apollo 18” opens. I’m sure if I looked around the Interwebs awhile I’d find a site arguing that the timing is suspect and the release of this photo was government propaganda to cover-up the ‘truth’ of the movie. 🙂

    I have seen the movie and seen it has been described as Blair Witch meets Alien. Yea, kind of.

    If you don’t mind claustrophobic sets and that you know what’s coming it’s worth watching. The visual form works very well with the movie and is entirely appropriate for the setting. The visual style is perfect for the setting in fact because it makes you watch closely. It’s meant to be frustrating. The movie got panned for these reasons as well as low budget and small cast but I think it’s going to be better received over time.

    The movie “Moon” shares many of the same attributes plus the boredom and isolation of working solo at a mining facility. It did no real box office but was a strangely affecting movie that received wide support from fans of sci-fi. I think this one will do well in the DVD market. Moon is worth a watch if you see it available from NetFlicks or the like.

  3. HA! nice pic of arizona. if you look close you can see an illegal alien in the lower left corner.

    or maybe it’s a native and we were the illegal alien.

  4. Fox once broadcast a lovely documentary that explained in detail how NASA managed to fool the world into thinking it had conducted six lunar landings from 1969 to 1972.

    Now we eagerly look forward to the follow-up documentary that will explain how NASA then managed to cover-up the six secret lunar landing missions it obviously conducted after 1972 so teams of anonymous astronauts could plant the so-called evidence of the earlier faked moon landings that’s recently been photographed.

    Fortunately for history, the fateful meeting in which U.S. government officials began to consider faking the moon landings was filmed, and is available at:

  5. Some of these type pix have been available for a little while now. Def cool. Mr. Supak … relax. Even though I grew up and changed from a lefty to a righty, mostly cuz I started paying my own bills, Republicans are quite reasonable and informed. Myself:

    Evolution theory: Yes of course.
    Round Earth: Well it’s more properly called a sphere if one ROUNDS off the land and ice surfaces. I’d prefer a dodecahedral shape simply cuz I like the word.
    Global warming: It happens even when humans were not around. The sun (another sphere type shaped object) has a lot to do with that. If the politicians didn’t make it such a bfd by attempting to collect taxes out of this … we could go along with it. But there is such a mountain of bs about it to justify taking our money to pay for (votes) … it’s an epic fail for us. I personally like the Bjorn Lomborg’s view of global warming (of “Cool It!” fame). That is that GW exists but we would be better served to research COST EFFECTIVE corrective measures rather that all the current bs going on about this subject. Make it cheap to do … we do it!

  6. Republicans will still refuse to believe in evolution, global warming, and a round earth, but maybe these pictures will convince them that we really did go to the moon.

  7. These pictures alone will convince few skeptics. They do serve as a marker down, as they also say anyone with a powerful enough scope can find them.

    Skeptics included.

  8. Raf – When my kid went I told him to get me a picture of something green there since every shot I saw looked like the lunar landscape. After about a month he sent me a picture of him and his entrepreneur standing guard next to an 8 foot tall cannabis plant . . . in the middle of a lunar landscape!

  9. Louise, the dust sticking to everything is different from it blowing and covering stuff. The dust is apparently clingy, something like flour which sticks to your hands. But to cover things requires wind to move it about. The moon has no atmosphere, so there is no wind of any kind. The dust just lays there until disturbed by an external force like an astronaut walking or driving on it.

  10. and right on cue – THANKS Louise!

    What would cause it to be covered up L? The harsh lunar winds whipping dust dunes across the face of the moon?

  11. As if evidence is ever going to win an argument with the crowd that KNOWS the moon landings were fake.

    I worked at Kennedy for a few years, in the building the Apollo astronauts trained in (if you were on the tour it was the building where they showed you a mock up of the control room then a “real lunar lander” (not to spoil it but it was mostly wood). They had these poster sized pictures of training, guys in full gear practicing in the parking lot & fields by the building. I was going to take one when they were thrown away & get it to the people at Fox telling them it was proof from that the whole thing was done on a sound stage. But another guy there snatched it before I could get to it.

  12. Saw that this morning…Pretty amazing…we do leave our “foot” prints everywhere we go….

  13. My question has to do with the dust… They said it stuck to everything, and it was everywhere.They said it was pervasive and relentless. So how did this garbage remain so clean/white after so many years? Shouldn’t it have been smothered in dust by now?

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