Carjacker’s Wild Ride

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Gust Blogger
Dionette L. Price may need some basic crime lessons. Seeking to carjack a vehicle driven by Rayna Garrett, Mr. Price opted to stand in the middle of busy U.S. Highway 71. When Ms. Garrett attempted to drive around the would-be felon, Price leaped onto the hood of her car, brandished a .357 semi-automatic handgun, and told her, through the glass, to “ or I’ll blow your head off.”  Ms. Garrett obliged the 26 year-old and took him directly to the Kansas City police station garage. Finding no one in the garage, she rammed the door and alerted the attendant. A foot chase ensued between the Kansas City police and our ersatz “Mr. Toad,” resulting in felonious restraint and weapons charges.
Source: Yahoo News
~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  1. I was a Coast Guard Stationkeeper for a Coast Guard Reserve Unit. In addition to being there during the week, I had to attend the weekend meeting each month.

    During a national paranoia about Puertorican separatists attacking military installations, a Captain from District Headquarters visited the Reserve Unit at which I worked. The unit was an ORTUPS – Organized Reserve Training Unit For Port Security (today known as MSU – Marine Safety Unit.) About 90% of the members were Port Securitymen (now known as Marine Law Enforcement Specialists) drawn from police departments, Sheriff’s Police, and State Troopers of three states. The Captain did not know his audience.

    The Captain (equivalent of a Army Colonel) was addressing all the Reservists about personal safety. He told the members not to wear uniforms while commuting, don’t drive the same route, don’t tell people that you’re a Reservist, etc.

    To open his speech, the Captain pointed at a First Class Petty Officer who was a Sheriff’s Deputy. He asked her, “Petty Officer, if you notice some car following you tonight, what will you do?”

    She answered, “I’d drive past my house or even my street and go to the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts.”

    The Captain smiled approvingly, “Yes, you’d go to Dunkin Donuts because it’s not connected to your residence, it’s public, and it’s well-lighted, right?”

    She said, “No sir, I’d go there because that’s where all the Police are!” The crew broke into guffaws.

    Irate, the Captain admonished his audience to respect police officers and not make jokes at their expense. When he stopped for a breath, the Commanding Officer said, “Excuse me Captain, the Petty Officer is a Sheriff’s Deputy, and most everybody else in the room is some kind of police officer. I’m sure they all appreciate your defense, but it’s an inside joke. Let me apologize for the confusion.”

  2. Hen Man said, “Isn’t it “cruel and unusual punishment” when the cops make you wear a toilet seat suspended from your chin when they take your mug shot?”

    So where were you when the ship hit the sand?

  3. Gene H. you hit the nail on the head.

    What an idiot! His dumb ass should be glad he is going straight to jail rather than to the cemetery.

  4. Isn’t it “cruel and unusual punishment” when the cops make you wear a toilet seat suspended from your chin when they take your mug shot?

  5. LOL….

    She crashed through a door…. wonder if they are charging her with MDOP….

    I bet Clint Eastwood had one of these fine….pistols….

  6. A .357 Magnum semi-automatic pistol is something you don’t see very often. I think Desert Eagle has one, not sure of any others.

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