Dutch Court Orders Woman To Stop Calling Ex-Boyfriend . . . After Over 65,000 Calls in One Year

In many states, a pattern of two or three incidents can be the basis for a stalking charge. A 42-year-old woman in the Hague proved to be something of an overachieving stalker when she called her ex-boyfriend over 65,000 times in one year.
Before you do the math, that is 178 calls per day or over 7 calls per hour (24 hours a day).

A Dutch court ordered the woman to stop and presumably move beyond the failed relationship.

I am not sure why the boyfriend did not get an unlisted number.

The woman is lucky. In most states, it is considered criminal harassment to repeated call someone with the intention to annoy or harass. However, usually such calls are part of a wider pattern. For example, Charity Doyl, the editor of Northwest Woman Magazine, was charged with allegedly harassing and stalking her ex-boyfriend, Martin Dow. Doyl allegedly sent threatening and defamatory emails to Dow, his family, friends and even students at the Glenn Dow Academy. This included such messages as “DONT PISS ME OFF– I HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.” Because Dow had taken up with a Russian woman, Doyl reportedly used his credit card to buy thousands of dollars of Russian goods like caviar and sent them to his office.

Source: TIME

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  1. Just wondering … why didn’t this guy just change his phone number?

    Seems to me there is more to this story … was she able to get new numbers? what did the phone company do or not do, what did law enforcement do or not do….

  2. I’ve been stalked … it’s pretty damn scary and if one isn’t careful, it can consume your whole life … which is exactly the aim of the stalker. I was fortunate to be assigned a really great Police detective who not only knew how to catch the bad guys but also knew how to explain the situation to me in a manner that assuaged all fear.

  3. We need one of those golden moldies posted:
    The Teddy Bears
    “To stalk, stalk, stalk him
    is to love, love, love him.
    And I do,
    And I do . . . “

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