Lawsuit Alleges That 40 Officers in Texas Raided Strip Club, Found No Drugs, But Left With Thousands in Cash and Tokens

Police in Edinburg are being sued after 40 officers raided a “gentlemen’s club” called Jaguars Gold Club in search of drugs. They found none, but handcuffed the owners and employees and allegedly left with $1,500 in cash and another $8,000 worth of club “tokens.”

The lawsuit claims that when the owner asked for the police to keep a record of seized items, the police refused.

The Complaint states:

Prior to entry, one of the officers disconnected the water supply to the building, which was not authorized by the warrant. After the police turned off the water supply to the building, three of Plaintiff’s employees went outside to determine what had transpired. They were confronted by a number of marked and unmarked police vehicles, including an “RV”(recreational vehicle) that had been converted for police use. The RV had blocked the driveway preventing ingress and egress from Jaguars’ parking lot.

Approximately 40 uniformed officers, many in “SWAT” paraphernalia and with automatic weapons, then entered Jaguars; three officers remained outside, prohibiting the three of Plaintiff’s employees from re-entering Jaguars.

The nearly 40 officers who entered Jaguars immediately “zip tied” thehands of each individual in Jaguars, meaning to restrain their hands comparable towhat would occur by placing individuals in handcuffs, except using locking plasticstrips rather than handcuffs.

One of the three individuals who was kept outside of Jaguars, Tony Hadaway (“Hadaway”), was the on-duty manager. Upon learning that fact, severalof the officers present ordered Hadaway, who was handcuffed, to accompany themto Jaguars’ office, whereupon they ordered him to unlock but not open the safe thatwas located in the office. The officers then ordered Hadaway to face the wall of theoffice that was opposite the safe so that he could not observe what the officers weredoing with the safe.

The officers removed approximately $1,500 in currency from the safe(which consisted of all of the currency therein except single bills), along with approximately $8,000 in club “tokens;” they also removed an additional but unknown amount of currency from Jaguars’ cash registers, estimated to be between $500 and $1,500.

Source: Monitor

23 thoughts on “Lawsuit Alleges That 40 Officers in Texas Raided Strip Club, Found No Drugs, But Left With Thousands in Cash and Tokens”

  1. Mike Spindell
    1, September 13, 2011 at 12:17 pm
    So how is this different from an armed robbery?
    with a normal armed robbery the robbers don’t show back up after the 911 call and beat the shit out of you.

  2. Dredd1, September 13, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    Oh come on, the government our virtual parent would not do such things here in the Homeland.

    We are family.
    There are different levels of sentience, at all times. The question becomes then, who knows and exploits vrs who knows and protects….

  3. “They love to target people who were too poor to get decent lawyers because they usually got to keep the bootie they took.”~ Frankly
    Did you mean to say ‘decent’ lawyers??? Cause, not sure I think mercenary is all that ‘decent’….

    @culheath1, September 13, 2011 at 9:17 am ….hahahahaha! can I read your book when you are done?? 🙂

  4. Now I don’t wish to cast aspersions on hardworking personnel in strip clubs but considering the number of tokens taken … spouses and significant others of these cops might want to have monthly testing for STDs … I mean, does one really think all the boys in blue are going to do is sit and watch?

  5. I guess the club owner did not pay the cops off. A friend of mine tried to open an ice house in Texas for his friends who worked in the refinery where I worked. A cop came in and demanded that he hired the local cops for “security”. He told them he did not anticipate any need for it since it would be mostly friends and locals.

    When he openned, there was a cop car down the road, and every car that left the parking lot was stopped for DUI. Needless to say, the business failed rather quickly since nobody wanted the hassle. Then I knew another place that I went to that DID pay off the cops. They actually needed some security, but the cops rarely showed up. This was in Houston.

  6. Municipal services in Texas must be revenue neutral.

    Since Rick Perry has removed a significant proportion of municipal funding for the Police Department, actions such as the noble intervention at the Jaguar Club must generate enough positive income flow to offset their administrative costs.

    Hence, Texan rape victims are charged for their lab rape kits. (

    And Jaguar’s must pick up the $9500.00 in departmental costs for those spiffy plastic handcuffs, RV rental, gasoline, wear and tear on bullet-proof vests, M16 cleaning oil, brass knuckles rental, Thai prostitutes, Cuban cigars, Crystal champagne, and a 55 gallon drum of Vaseline.

  7. Isn’t the token grab a little or should I say very dumb,didn’t someone just do that at a casino somewhere and those tokens were traceable as I guess these tokens would be.

  8. The captain through his pen down hard on the desk and looked up with disdain at the detective.
    “You expect me to believe that every single personal cam on all 15 of your SWATs malfunctioned at the same time the man accidentally fell from the roof of the building?”
    The detective shrugged.

  9. This sort of theft was popular in several places in the deep South (don’t know if it happened elsewhere but there were several big investigations in GA, AL & LA) Police accuse you of involvement in drugs, take your property and then it is up to you to prove your innocence in order to get it back.

    They love to target people who were too poor to get decent lawyers because they usually got to keep the bootie they took.

  10. BB,

    There is one PD that I know of that “ALL” police are to wear personal cameras….

    This stuff is insane….

  11. All very useful there… I have a more useful idea. Mandate all cops to wear a bloody camera on the job… and please do not give them the option of switching it off.

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