What Did Michelle Obama Say?

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Debbie Schlussel says she can’t be sure, but it seems that Michelle turns to Barack and says “All of this for a damn flag.” This happened during the flag folding ceremony at the 9/11 memorial. Here’s the video:

Well some expert lip readers have put Schlussel to shame:

“It’s amazing how they fold that flag.”


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  1. Oro Lee:

    I have seen a cow slaughtered in a college ag class, have shot and dressed deer, have helped slaughtered sheep. I know were dinner comes from and how it got there.

    Maybe you should watch sharks eating sea lions or killer whales eating sea lions, or lions killing a giraffe or a pack of wolves killing and eating an elk or a caribou.

    Personally, if I were an elk, I’d rather have a shot to the heart and bleed out in 100 yards than have a pack of wolves rip my internal organs out and gnaw on my intestines while I was still alive. Not to mention how painful the actual take down is. I’d say same goes for a knock on the head and having my throat slit while unconscious if I was a cow. Much preferable to being a Cape Buffalo having its innards eaten while still alive.

    Just food for thought.

    Just count me as a charter member of PETA [people eating tasty animals]. That reminds me, wild game feast at a friends house next weekend. All his hunting buddies bring game to roast, Kudu, mountain lion, caribou, bear, deer, wild turkey, and the guest of honor is a pig spit cooked.

    It’s great.

  2. Hey raff,

    Please define….right…and women speaking their minds….First of all…Bachmann is proof….that she has drank of the kool-aide and/or got the vaccine…

  3. Frau Schlussel lives in this sort of filth every day, she will not apologize even if the First Lady were miked & the actual dialog was provided. She would announce “Well MAYBE I was wrong this time but it sounds like something she would say so you can understand my assumption.” There would be plenty of her ilk to back her up on this. The fever swap of the right wing would crank up their mighty Wurlitzer in indignation at the unwarranted attack on little Debbie.

  4. Mike S.,
    I love the Five Guys cheeseburgers!
    The Right just can’t stand having women who speak their minds.
    Great article David.

  5. I can’t make out the first few words, but the last sure looks like “fold that flag” to me.

    When determining what someone might have said, by reading their lips, you would think that an expert in lip reading would be used to substantiate the claim.

    Schlussel owes the First Lady a public apology and a printed retraction.

  6. Roco,

    Don’t you recall….You can’t have French Fries here….Only American….

  7. Mike:

    I am serious, she wants me to eat green. They will pry my cheeseburger from from cold greasy fingers.

    Give me a half pounder with cheese and the works or death.

  8. “Criticize her for trying to take away my cheeseburger not on some highly dubious claim.”


    Uncle Sam wants your cheeseburger and wants it now, preferably with your french fries too.

  9. as one of the few right wingers on this blog, I think it is very hard to determine what she said because there is not much lip movement. Fold and damn are very different mouth positions.

    Personally, I would give the benefit of the doubt to the First Lady.

    This kind of talk is very unseemly and should not be tolerated.

    Criticize her for trying to take away my cheeseburger not on some highly dubious claim.

  10. Is it not amazing that people will distort the truth even when it is written….in their own words….much less when some think they heard what they heard…or read what they read….The truth is an illusive concept….But I am sure more will be revealed….

  11. Dredd – I have maintained for some time that the Koch brothers and others of their ilk are actually communist agents.

    Their ultimate goal is to destroy the working class and amplify the disparity between the haves & the have-nots. Once there is a huge underclass of poor who see no benefit from capitalism and nothing to lose they will rise up in revolt & a communist system will be put in place.

    Those of us that actually want capitalism to survive are fighting to prevent the success of people like Debbie

  12. I lip read some and I thought she said. “You know how Fox will damn what ever I say about folding that flag.

    foutre le Renard et aussi Schlüssel

  13. I clicked on the Debbie Schlussel link and now I feel dirty. What a mean and hateful thing to write about an innocent comment.this kind of talk seems dangerous. I would’ve commented there but there is so much traffic and so much of it hate filled i couldn’t wade through all the responses.

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