Airplane Armrest Leads To Airport Arrest

And you thought your last seatmate on an airplane was a bit irritating . . . Try David Alan Anderson, 60. Anderson sat down on a Delta flight from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas and immediately began elbowing the passenger next to him and claiming the armrest. It then got worse . . . much worse.

The other passenger says he told Anderson, “Sir, you are going to have to move over.” Anderson allegedly responded by staring at him and then said “If I have a knife, I would slit your throat.” After a complaint to flight attendants, they observed he had something cupped in his hands. Police later found a Gerber folding knife with a 3 ½-inch blade. The police say that Anderson denied having the knife and then proceeded to threaten the police by saying “Your days are not long,” “It’s a shotgun in the chest,” “I’ll pull your eyeballs out,” and “It will give me a lot of pleasure to see you again, but you won’t see me, bucko.” Not good.

He now faces an array of charges from smuggling a weapon on an airplane to threatening a law enforcement officer.

Source: Deseret

14 thoughts on “Airplane Armrest Leads To Airport Arrest”

  1. He also flashed the stewardess at the entry, but she just said, “I asked to see your ticket – not your stub.”

  2. This guy should sit in jail for awhile and talk out his problems with his fellow prisoners. He would learn a quick lesson. What an idiot.

  3. I wish there was a regulation requiring all airline executives above middle management to do all their travel in coach class—in the middle seat between two Sumo wrestlers.

  4. “Ok…Now he got a 3.5 inch knife aboard a plane and I can’t even get a small Swiss Army knife…..
    Ok…Now he got a 3.5 inch knife aboard a plane and I can’t even get a small unopened bottled water…..

  5. Was it still International Pirates Day when this happened? “Bucko” sure makes it sound like that. Take away the knife and this seems like something out of Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” show.

  6. I heard an interview yesterday with the head of TSA, Robert A. Harding. He said that criticism of the TSA for missing some prohibited and even lethal items is unfair. He said it was similar to police not catching every driver who is DUI. That strikes me as a pretty weak defense as not every car or driver passes through check points.

  7. The airlines have managed to turn Grayhound into a preferred mode of travel. You have more leg room & more comfortable seats, meet a nicer, more cultured group of people and generally have a more pleasant experience.

    I miss the ‘bad old days’ when they were regulated & actually provided a service.

  8. Oh my….was he looking for a standing date with someone in uniform….Ok…Now he got a 3.5 inch knife aboard a plane and I can’t even get a small Swiss Army knife…..

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