Biceps in a Can? Scientists Invent New Artificial Muscle

Finally, my years of avoiding workouts and exercise have paid off. Scientists have invented new artificial muscles that can twist 1,000 times more than any suitable material made in the past. Ok, it is not for those of us looking to be transformed into Charles Atlas while we sleep. It may, however, open new possibilities for robots and prosthetic limbs.

Scientists have been grappling with the limitations posed by polymers and metals that have limited ability to twist or rotate when an electric current is applied to them. These new muscles—carbon nanotube fibers are spun into a yarn and work much like real muscles.

It is not just amputees and robots that could benefit. They also may be used in motors and turbines.

Very cool.


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  1. I can hardly wait for the food and beverage industry to combine this new technology with alcohol which will allow one to get their courage and strength out of the same can.

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