21 thoughts on “I Give You The Five Minute Trip Across America”

  1. thanks! ten years ago – or so – i was in the habit of taking my vacations 3 weeks at a time, throwing the camper shell on my little pickup, and driving huge circuits around the country. i’m too old now and a lot less bold, but i do miss those solitary adventures of discovery. what a beautiful country to look at.

  2. This thread, and the discussion about Mississippi in another thread, started me to thinking about one of the greatest storytellers I ever met, Eudora Welty. Before Miss Welty was a writer, she was a photographer. There are a couple of books of her photographs, and the Smithsonian has a slide show of some of them at this link.


    Here is the slide show:


  3. shot term should be short term … come to think of it … maybe shot term fits as in “they shot themselves in the foot pandering to teabaggers” …

  4. anon nurse,

    It went even better than expected which bodes very well for 2012 as the grass roots apparatus has “gelled” and experienced a strong win on 2 of the 3 fronts. Kasich is now, graphic language chosen purposely, a eunuch.

    This is going to present a real problem for the republicans come next year as he was their hand picked front man to help run the Presidential race for Ohio’s 18 electoral votes and there is not enough time to replace him. They have a worthless eunuch in charge of organizing and fund raising … that’s what pandering to teabaggers gets ya … shot term gain, long term loss.

  5. I’m dizzy… and a little nauseous…

    (Hope you’re feeling better, Blouise. Good news in Ohio (and Mississippi). Congratulations!)

  6. I really like Johnny Cash, but the original is by Hank Snow, the Singing Ranger. Nobody, not even Johnny, did it like Hank.

  7. Gene,

    Yes we are….


    You just did…but that all depends…


    And the burning ring of fire….

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