Dino Gap: Canadians Add New Dinosaur

This handsome fellow is the most recent new dinosaur — discovered in Saskatchewan’s Assiniboia district. This resulted in a named that will have kids sniggering in science classes across North America: Assiniboiensis. Thescelosaurus assiniboiensis (THES’-kel-oh-SAWR’-us ah-SIN’-ni-boy-EN’-sis) was confirmed from the 66-million-year-old partial skeleton as a new type of dinosaur.

The latest herbivore is small sized — about the size to a deer. Once again, for creationists, these scientists are necessarily about 66-million years off since the Earth itself is only a few thousand years old. For those who believe in science, however, it is pretty cool. For GOP presidential candidates, even if you do not believe in evolution or science, doesn’t this show a dangerous Dino Gap with the Canadians?

The name however is likely to be the bane of the existence of high school teachers from “T & A” to “Ass and Boy.” Of course, it is still better than Suchosaurus.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/11/28/new-plant-eating-dinosaur-species-identified/?test=faces#ixzz1f24sYIeQ

8 thoughts on “Dino Gap: Canadians Add New Dinosaur”

  1. Interesting, from its form factor I would have assumed carnivore not herbivore.

    WAIT! Did you just link to FAUX News for information? That explains it – the whole story is BS. They are probably setting up the punchline to prove scientists will believe anything if you tel them the Earth is more than 6000 years old. Unless confirmed by a legitimate news organization I would be skeptical.

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