Three South Florida Septic Tank Employees Plead Guilty To Fraud

Three people in Florida have pleaded guilty to scamming customers of their septic tank company, FBK Products, into buying unnecessary products, including in some cases enough toilet paper to last more than 70 years. They are charged with lying to customers by telling them that federal regulations required special toilet paper.

Christopher Lincoln, Mary Moore and Joseph Nouerand, pleader guilty to conspiring to commit wire fraud. They sold unwitting customers special soaps and systems while claiming association with various federal agencies. For some customers, the pitch didn’t . . . well, pass the smell test . . . and they contacted police.

The three could now spend decades in jail. Two others are awaiting trial — a dangerous position given the cooperation agreement with these three individuals. Many of the victims were the elderly, who are easy prey for unscrupulous salespersons.

Source: CBS

7 thoughts on “Three South Florida Septic Tank Employees Plead Guilty To Fraud”

  1. I am surprised the federal government doesnt have regulations for special toilet paper and soap for septic systems especially in sensitive environmental areas.

    These people should be praised for their environmentalism and foresight in protecting our environment.

  2. Once again proving that some people are full of crap and some people don’t take crap off of anybody.

  3. Scammers like this love Florida as it is such fertile ground for them and making the government the bad guy is just the right fertilizer to spread to bring in a good crop of marks.

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