Former Sheriff Arrested For Allegedly Trading Drugs For Sex and Booked at His Namesake Jail

Processing personnel at the Patrick J. Sullivan, Jr. Detention Facility might have taken a double take or two when processing one of these weeks admitees: Patrick J. Sullivan, Jr. Detention Facility. Sullivan, the former “Sheriff of the Year,” was charged with allegedly using and distributing methamphetamine in exchange for sex.

Various witnesses have accused Sullivan, 68, of selling drugs in exchange for sex and police charge that “arranged to meet an adult male acquaintance and agreed to provide the (man) with methamphetamine in exchange for a sexual encounter.”

When Sullivan announced his resignation in 2002, he explained he was “looking for something new.” This might not have been it.

Source: ABC

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmm…methinks this ‘sheriff’ might not like it so much from behind—that double entandre refers to both being bent over as well as behind bars. What goes around comes around. Sooooooooooo pitiful!

  2. Kevin Bennett’s wife said in court that he worked full time as Steamboat Springs city council president for about $1,000 per month. His real estate has assessed value of millions.

  3. What about cocaine cash in Colorado? The Aspen Times reports that six Aspen residents moved cocaine between Los Angeles and Aspen for 15 years. They arrested people in their 60’s for moving cocaine.

    Is it even remotely plausible that large quantities of cocaine were moved in ski resorts for over 15 years and the local cops and sheriffs didn’t know and weren’t paid off?

    According to Aspen magazine, “in 1985 when well-known and well-dressed Aspen resident Steven Grabow was killed when his borrowed Jeep blew up as he stepped in the parking lot of the Aspen Club. The 38-year-old, who had no visible means of support, was facing federal trial as the alleged kingpin of a cocaine ring valued at up to $35 million a year. Among the items seized from his home were a Porsche, $1.5 million cash, and 243 gold Krugerrand coins. Some have even speculated that the crime, which remains unsolved, leads back to Colombia’s Medellín cartel.”….

    “The refusal to cooperate with federal undercover drug agents-effectively making Aspen a more “open zone” for drug use and sales-was popular at the time with many locals who didn’t like worrying about whether their neighbor, bartender, or dealer was actually an undercover agent. “

  4. According to Consumer Reports, the medical marijuana market is the largest in California and Colorado and the medical marijuana market will reach $1.7 Billion in 2011. That’s an indicator of the illegal marijuana market as well. According to the Denver Post, the sales tax receipts from that in 2010 were over 2.2 Million for a partial year translating to sales of over $44 million for a partial year. That’s for legal pot only. Plenty of cash to pay off law enforcement.

  5. “Big favors for developers”. That makes sense to me in terms of my experience with Colorado / Steamboat Springs. Simultaneous to my being criminally prosecuted in Routt County without a written statement of probable cause, without a D.A. signature, based on the signature of a [convicted, former?] drug dealer’s [city council president] wife on a form supposedly reserved for police use because I complained about zoning violations by the president of the city council, on buildings still not on the Routt County property tax rolls, there was a 35 foot variance granted to the “Grand Summit”. The City of Steamboat Springs also guaranteed bonds to build a privately owned golf course. After the property around the golf course was sold at premium prices but the golf course still required constant cash infusions, the city took over ownership. The golf course was represented by the law firm of the city attorney. The city attorney, Anthony Lettunich, advertised his firm as a real estate law firm and who knows what they did while he was also city attorney.

  6. Sullivan was undoubtedly compromised BEFORE he became a sheriff, and that’s WHY he became a sheriff. That’s how sheriffs and judges are controlled by the developers and bankers.

    You don’t do what Larry Mizel wants you to do, with the powers he has gotten for you, and Larry already has all this dirt on you, to get you out.

    In particular, public officials, especially in Colorado, don’t get buildings with their names on them unless they have been doing big favors for developers. In a sheriff’s case, it would undoubtedly be by looking the other way when confronted with massive evidence of white-collar crime (and undoubtedly murders, too). “The Patrick Sullivan Detention Center”–huh. He’s even still living.

    It would be nice if Colorado still had some functioning news outlets, to investigate where and how justice was perverted by this pervert while he was sheriff, but, unfortunately, there aren’t any.

  7. People usually only commit crimes if they think they will get away with it. The expectation in Colorado is that anyone working for the government will get away with anything and everything. Why? Obviously because of very low prosecution rate of government officials of all types.

  8. When Sullivan announced his resignation in 2002, he explained he was ‘looking for something new.’ This might not have been it.

    He has not been a Sheriff for 9 years.

    I wonder how the toxins of power molded or morphed the man?


    DENVER – Brenda L. Stewart, age 36, of Denver, Colorado, was sentenced this morning by U.S. District Court Judge Marcia S. Krieger to time served, followed by two years of supervised release, with the condition that the first year be served in home detention with electronic monitoring for tax evasion in connection with income derived from her prostitution business, United States Attorney John Walsh and Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation Special Agent in Charge Sean Sowards announced. Judge Krieger also ordered Stewart to pay restitution totaling $61,489 to the IRS.

    Stewart was indicted by a federal grand jury in Denver on November 17, 2010. She pled guilty on July 6, 2011. Stewart was sentenced today, November 7, 2011.

    According to the plea agreement, in approximately May of 2005 Stewart agreed to purchase a prostitution business in which she was employed, known as Denver Sugar and Denver Players. She purchased the business from Scottie Ewing. Stewart agreed to pay Ewing $150,000 for the business. Stewart further agreed to make these payments in cash at the request of Ewing.

    Also in May 2005 Stewart created an entity called Phoenix Media and Consulting, LLC. This entity performed no media or consulting work. Instead, it was used as a front company to conduct the prostitution business operations, including credit card transactions, making payments and making purchases. The defendant also used Phoenix Media as a means to hide the source and true amount of her income from the IRS.

    From approximately May 2005 through January 2008, while operating Denver Sugar and Denver Players, Stewart employed a number of prostitutes, in violation of state law. Customers who paid in cash were charged approximately $300/hour, which customers who paid with credit cards were charged approximately $350/hour. Stewart received approximately one-third of these fees, and the individual prostitutes received approximately two-thirds. Further, Stewart made all of the management decisions for the two companies, including hiring and firing decisions.

    Stewart also did not provide the majority of the employees with Forms 1099 or other required tax documents. Stewart filed a false 1040 individual income tax return for 2005 and she failed to file an individual tax return for 2006. She worked mostly with cash knowing that it was difficult for the IRS to track. She intentionally failed to report such income to the IRS.

    Stewart’s business was conducted through a number of interstate wire transactions in the form of credit card payments which were processed through several different processing centers, all of which were outside of Colorado. Stewart and her employees also arranged appointments and conducted other business using e-mail accounts. Servers for both of these email services were located outside of Colorado.

    “No matter the source of the income, those who earn money must pay income tax,” said U.S. Attorney John Walsh. “Those who attempt to hide their income to evade paying taxes, like Ms. Stewart did, should know you can be arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated.

    “All income is taxable, regardless of the source,” said Sean P. Sowards, Special Agent in Charge, IRS Criminal Investigation, Denver Field Office. “The prosecution of individuals who intentionally conceal income and evade taxes is a vital element of the IRS’ enforcement strategy. We are pleased with the resolution of this investigation due to the cooperative efforts of our law enforcement partner – the Denver Police Department.”

    This case was investigated by the Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation with assistance from the Denver Police Department.

    The defendant was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Matthew Kirsch


    See in Colorado they don’t care at all about corruption, prostitution, or any illegal drugs as long as the funds appear to pay government pension obligations

  10. the publications re Denver Players, Judge Nottingham, Scott Ewing, Michael Hancock etc are really shocking and don’t inspire conformance with the letter of the law

  11. There are huge amounts of illegal drugs in Colorado — pot cocaine and meth. Many people in government and involved. Even if they don’t do drugs they turn a blind eye because of money or sex.

    There was a judge in Steamboat, a Joel Thompson, whose girlfriend was arrested by the DEA, after the cops brought up the subject in a murder trial. The judge said something negative to the cops and then they said something like the DEA ‘s going to bust your girlfriend. Supposedly the cops knew for months. Then the same judge covered up a zoning violation by the president of the city council, a self confessed convicted “hash-oil” dealer, rumored to be a cocaine dealer.

    The US Attorney in Colorado doesn’t prosecute government corruption.

  12. This has been going on for a long time. It’s only coming out now.

    Fear of retaliation from dirty cops involved in this, including cover-ups, is real.

    It’s only the tip of a bigger problem in some parts of Colorado – involving dirty cops, complicit attorneys, compromised judges, even da’s. Outcomes of litigation/criminal cases guaranteed IF brought before certain judges, planting of evidence, sex for perjury, ‘gratuities’ given to corrupted public officials. Become a squeaky wheel and you’re framed and in prison.

    Civil Rights? Not in some parts of Colorado.

    FBI/US Attorney – Where are you???

  13. “Patrick J. Sullivan, Jr. Detention Facility”

    Not for long, I’m guessing…

  14. What is it about conservatives, meth and gay hookers? That “pray away the gay” minister from out there in Colorado had the same combination.

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