Wheel of Fortune Savant

As the class prepares for finals, I thought I would share the ultimate curve breaker. This woman guesses one letter and solves the entire puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.

I do like the idea however of incorporating a wheel in the final — after all, we already discuss the privacy tort of Vanna White against Samsung.

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4 thoughts on “Wheel of Fortune Savant”

  1. And why shouldn’t she….she may be playing hanging with friends….Or this blawg may become a thing if the past…

    A real threat to our civil liberties is legislation designed to stop on line piracy… But it does lots more….It will give the government the ability to block dissent against it…..

    Like Colbert or not…this is something we should all rally against….even people I disagree with….

    Stephen Colbert explains SOPA
    By Cory Doctorow at 5:43 pm Friday, Dec 2
    Colbert explains the science behind the net-killing SOPA, the worst proposed Internet law in American legislative history.


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