Lowe Blow: Retailer Bows To Anti-Muslim Campaign And Withdraws Advertising From TLC’s “All-American Muslim”

In a rather shocking appeasement of anti-Muslim activists, Lowe’s home improvement store withdrew advertising from the reality show, “All-American Muslim,” a show featuring various Muslim families in the United States. The show is being targeted by the Florida Family Association as “dangerous” and Lowe’s Chief Executive Officer Robert A. Niblock decided to yield to such prejudices in pulling out of the advertising on the show.

The Florida Family Association (which appears to exclude Muslim families from its vision of families) has been warning Americans about the alleged hidden agenda in a show that simply follows five families in their everyday life in Dearborn, Michigan. The FFA announced that the show is “propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.”

In response there have been calls to boycott Lowe’s, which certainly appears willing to forego the business of Muslim Americans at a minimum in this tough economy. One of those calls has come from California State Senator Ted Lieu, D-Torrance. Lieu, however, said that he is investigating whether the company can be charged with violating state or federal laws — a highly dubious pursuit. A company is allowed to withdraw support for a program to avoid associations or themes that it deems inimical to its business interests. That does not make it right, but it is not unlawful.

While the company has apologized for “mak[ing] some people very unhappy,” it said that given the controversy over the program “[w]e believe it is best to respectfully defer to communities, individuals and groups to discuss and consider such issues of importance.” First, there was no controversy before this fringe group launched a rather raw and prejudicial campaign. Certainly many viewers might not be interested in the show or even dislike its emphasis on a religion. However, it is no more controversial than Jersey Wives with its continual boorish and crude conduct or Donald Trump doing anything. Second, “leaving it to the community” is just a new spin on yielding to a mob. The company did not leave it to the community but chose this small biased group over Muslim Americans.

Given the company’s slogan “Never Stop Improving,” I would suggest a start on this year’s improvement resolutions would be to get rid of the religious prejudices and upgrade its now tarnished image.

Source: ABC

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27 thoughts on “Lowe Blow: Retailer Bows To Anti-Muslim Campaign And Withdraws Advertising From TLC’s “All-American Muslim””

  1. Meet The Florida Family Association: A Faux Outrage Generation Factory

    The Florida Family Association (FFA) has attracted national attention this week for convincing Lowe’s to drop its advertising on the acclaimed new TLC reality show, All-American Muslim. Claiming a membership of 35,000 individuals, FFA’s only paid staff member is its president, David Caton, and it is not affiliated with any national organizations.

    FFA is an organization devoted to manufacturing faux outrage. Here is an extensive — though likely quite incomplete — list of the organization’s attention-grabbing complaints over recent years:

    * Protests annual “Gay Days” at Walt Disney World: Every year, FFA objects to Walt Disney World’s “Gay Days,” when gay and lesbian people create visibility for themselves throughout the theme park. Disney does not officially sanction the event, but FFA calls on followers to complain to Disney officials that it takes place. This year, the organization even paid to have a banner flown over the Interstate 4 corridor warning travelers that Gay Day was that weekend.

    * Protested “Godless” Family Guy: FFA objects to Family Guy‘s “Godless, Christian bashing and depraved content” and has targeted advertisers such as Chrysler, General Mills, and others.

    * Claimed Modern Family “degrades marriage”: In 2009, the FFA complained about Toys R Us advertising on the Emmy-winning ABC sitcom Modern Family because it “degrades marriage and promotes same-sex couples and gay adoption.”

    * Objected to Miss Universe Pageant’s HIV/AIDS advocacy: The 2009 Miss Universe pageant included a discussion on HIV/AIDS advocacy and peer education. The Florida Family Association joined other conservative groups in protesting that messages other than “abstinence only” were presented and objected to the contestants competing to inflate condoms as balloons, targeting Jet Blue, BSC Swimwear, Farouk Systems Group, Diamond Nexus Labs, and Nina Footwear for sponsoring the pageant.

    * Decried LGBT non-discrimination ordinances: Numerous Florida municipalities have passed non-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity, but the FFA firmly opposes them, often spreading harmful lies about LGBT people in the process. In 2009, the FFA said that Tampa’s new gender identity protections would allow “cross-dressing males to patronize women’s restrooms.” Responding to a similar bill in Gainesville in 2008, Caton called it “absolutely atrocious” that children would be exposed to the “social engineering” of respecting transgender people

    * Opposed Degrassi for LGBT portrayals and anti-bullying messages: FFA opposes the Teen Nick show Degrassi for its portrayal of gay and transgender teens and its support of The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention hotline aimed at LGBT youth. It most recently targeted retailer Target for advertising on the show

    * Monitored all of Logo TV’s LGBT-inclusive programming: Since its launch, FFA has closely monitored Logo, the TV network geared toward the LGBT community. Even though FFA is obviously not the network’s target audience, the organization has monitored hours of its programming, objecting to companies like General Motors, JP Morgan Chase, and Johnson & Johnson for supporting content that is merely LGBT-inclusive.

  2. Lowe’s apparently now realizes they have kicked the hornet’s nest, but seem to be slow in making an appropriate response. They have made a half-hearted weasel “explanation” rather than a true apology. If some PR type would simply come out and say somebody had a terminal case of stupid and will be either fired or disciplined, it would be different.

    Now they cannot even go back and re-buy the ad time. Seem that music mogul Russell Simmons has bought up all the available commercial slots.

  3. One of the things the Florida Fascist Association ignores is that it would be impossible to bring Sharia law to the US as long as we maintain a secular court. Pretty much the court we have had for 250 years.

    Their real problem is they want to impose a Christian version of Sharia on the country and hate any competition, even if it is only imagined.

    If you are really frightened of creeping Sharia law demand that public institution maintain the separation of church and state, impose no religious test and favor no religion.

    It also wouldn’t hurt if you pulled your head out & tried examining reality occasionally but lets start with the simple things.

  4. Lrobby99
    1, December 12, 2011 at 1:05 pm
    I really like Lowe’s, but they are not indespensible. Menard’s is right across the street. I really hate Muslim bashing.
    You may or may not care about the issue, but I’d suggest everyone look into Menard’s relationship with Gov. Walker and what Republicans are doing in Wisconsin before shopping there either.

    I’m in the same boat – I prefer the experience and selection at Lowes over the other monster-box stores.

    I’ve watched a few episodes of All American Muslim, but I’m not rushing to watch every episode. Why? Because you quickly realize that they’re not special, or weird or all that interesting. “All American Pretty Normal Suburban Families” is about as gripping as you’d expect. It’s not “Real Multiple-Housewives of Dearborn” – no one is ripping anyone’s hijab off in a cat fight, nor is it a gripping Kartemquin documentary revealing the intense desperation of everyday live a la “Hoop Dreams.”

    I think anyone who comes out of a cultural/religious background where their religion/denomination is fairly large and diverse (e.g. Catholicism or Judaism) will be unsurprised to find that Muslims in the US, like Muslims around the world, have a broad range of opinions, views and religious practices. (If Romney gets the Republican nomination, millions of Americans may learn how not terribly interesting, exotic or interesting mainstream Mormonism is either.)

    New York Post headline: “MUSLIMS DISCOVERED TO POOP OCCASIONALLY AND TO PUT PANTS ON ONE LEG AT A TIME!!!” (OK, that’s both too long and not racist/xenophobic enough to be an actual Post headline, but you get the idea.)

  5. I will not be surprised when the Florida Family Association proposes that Dearborn, Michigan be walled in. The irony would likely be lost on Pam Geller, however, whose speeches and writings portray a woman emotionally stunted and morally blind.

  6. “Such a show would be far more honest in its depiction of the causes of the trumped-up malady of “Islamophobia” … The show is a bait-and-switch.”
    “Trumped up”? Who is telling a fib here? Hm, Think it is the FFO. It is not ‘trumped up’ but out there in full swing. Just read post after post on various articles that mention Islam, Muslims, etc. The hatred is profound.
    Bait and switch, only because the writer of the article linked thinks that TLC promised a show based on her islamaphobia.
    Real housewives (although not a TLC show) purports to show “real housewives of ( ___ city), No. It doesn’t. Is Geller going against these shows? Does she go against shows that purport to be about Christians but show them behaving in unchristianlike ways?
    I called the office of the CEO of Lowe’s. They arent getting my money. A bit of nothing maybe but when enough people do it, more then say, are in Geller’s universe, they will get the message.

  7. I suspect there is a faction within the Loews corporate structure that was against sponsoring this show in the first place.

  8. I really like Lowe’s, but they are not indespensible. Menard’s is right across the street. I really hate Muslim bashing.

  9. Here is the FFA website: http://floridafamily.org/index.php
    They crusade against Sharia Law: a woman’s apparent suicide in Tampa.
    Also against pornography, as commercialization of women; pulling sex into the GDP and the marketplace of ideas.
    The problem they have with the show is that they say it is one-sided; it does not show the dark side, like, possibly, Taquacore.

  10. Paula, no one said Lowe’s does not have the right; rather are they right?

    Hopefully not. First they decided it would be good to sponsor the show. Then they decided not to, apparently because of this marginal Christian group. Seems like a blunder economically and for America.

    Christianity seemed much stronger in the South (Melborne Fl) than in the North (Cleveland Oh), though I am not sure crazier; that is, patriotic versus committed. The claim is that crazy muslims are the danger. It seems that there have been God-is-on-our-side wars fought by the Christians. Maybe what we need is a show “All American Christians”?

  11. It would be fun to see Home Depot or Ace (sucky as Ace is) take advantage of the opportunity.

  12. Don’t forget we could form crowds of right thinking people and go from store to store of Muslim owned businesses and break out the windows. We could call it Crystal Night for all the broken glass on the street.

    I am surprised no one has thought of this before.

  13. Perhaps it is time to make all the Muslims in the US identify themselves so we know who they are. I’d suggest a simple yellow crescent sewn onto their outerwear. And, for our own safety of course, we should be able to ban Muslims from areas. I’d suggest simple signs, something like “Dogs and Muslims not allowed”. If this does not work perhaps we could relocate them all to camps where they could receive training and be among others like them.

    We really are coming to this here, aren’t we?

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