New Jersey Man Dies After “Doctor” Injects Silicone Into His Penis in Home Procedure

We have been following a line of cases involving faux doctors performing cheap cosmetic surgery by using such medical material as “Fix-A-Flat” gel. The latest such case comes from New Jersey where Justin Street, 22, died after Kasia Rivera, 34, allegedly injected his penis with silicone in an enlargement procedure. Street died the day after the treatment in Rivera’s home.

Street died from a silicone embolism as a result of the injection and his death has been classified as a homicide.

Rivera has been charged with manslaughter and the unauthorised practice of medicine

Rivera is likely “judgment proof” but she can be sued in a wrongful death action by the Street family.

Under the common law, such individuals are held to the standard of the professional, so Morris would be tried under the standard of a reasonable plastic surgeon. I am pretty sure that such a standard would rule out flat-tire sealant as a material for enhancement. Ironically, under the common law, a person could still prevail if the jury concludes that they acted in conformity with reasonable skills and judgment. The fact that you are practicing without a license is a criminal not a civil matter. For example, in Brown v. Shyne, 242 N.Y. 176, 151 N.E. 197 (1926), the court looked at a case where a trial judge allowed a jury to hold an unlicensed chiropractor liable based on the fact that he violated the statute. The patient was paralyzed and Shyne was convicted under the criminal law. However, the court held that if a violation of statute has no direct bearing on the injury, proof of that violation is irrelevant. Rather, the defendant is reviewed under the standard of care for a licensed professional in his field.

I dd not think that there could be anyone quite as dim as those women agreeing to have strangers inject silicone into their buttocks for enhancement. I stand corrected. This is obviously becoming a serious problem due to a lack of rational thought by victims who think that cosmetic surgeries entail largely overhead costs and paying for ambience — as opposed to buying stuff in the automotive section of your local hardware store.

Source: NJ.Com

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12 thoughts on “New Jersey Man Dies After “Doctor” Injects Silicone Into His Penis in Home Procedure”

  1. UPDATE:

    N.J. woman pleads not guilty to giving man fatal penis enhancement injection
    Published: Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 1:26 PM Updated: Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 3:08

    “Kasia Rivera appeared in Superior Court in Newark this morning to answer charges of reckless manslaughter and unauthorized practice of medicine in the death of Justin Street. Rivera, who wore a black sweater over a purple shirt, stood silently in handcuffs as her public defender answered the judge’s questions.”

  2. “In late October, a judge in Newark tossed out a case against a New Brunswick model indicted on charges of illegally providing buttocks-enhancing injections. Several women suffered injuries from the injections, but none fatal.
    The judge threw out the indictment against the model, Anivia Cruz-Dilworth, saying it did not clearly state what law she had allegedly broken.”

    Texas is not the only state where some decisions make you go HUH????

  3. There’s something about this “surgeon’s” face that reminds me of the “surgeon” in the butt-enhancement disaster from a few weeks ago. Is it the cast of the features, or the lack of soul? Maybe it’s some effect of whatever mind-destroying chemical they ingest for entertainment.

  4. I’ve got a chest cold . . . and now my groin hurts.
    I’d go back to bed except for the nightmares I know would surely follow.

  5. “Ouch! Just the thought of getting a shot down there would have made me pass out!!”


    Without specifics I’ve had some procedures done down there relating to the prostate and in truth the contemplation of the work, is worse than the reality. I fully understand though why my words are of little comfort to anyone facing it.

  6. In a consumerist society where vast sums are spent to convince people they are lacking something to “complete” them, it has become common to view ourselves with disdain. We have been brainwashed into self-hatred and convinced that money will remedy our insecurities. Ergo the rise of
    cosmetic surgery and its huge costs. This man felt the insecurity, couldn’t afford the cost of a real procedure and paid a horrible price. It is a sad commentary on what consumerism has created.

    The main reason I stopped practicing as a psychotherapist, although I had a successful practice, was that most of my patients believed I would magically heal them without them putting ay effort into the work. The problem is that psychotherapy is only viable if the patient is willing to make the difficult effort to effect self-change. The psychotherapist, no matter how skilled, cannot magically heal anyone without their own hard work.

    This man had been convinced that his penis was not large enough, by advertisement and macho myth. Rather than embracing its size and becoming a better lover, he thought he could change things via money and surgery, with tragedy as the result. If one looks at classical male, nude structures through the ages, remarkably they mostly have what today would be considered “small penises”, yet Michaelangelo’s “David” for instance would be viewed askance today. I wonder how Bathsheba felt?

  7. I hate to sound cynical, but to allow a woman who looks like that anywhere near any part of my anatomy with a needle pretty much deserves what they get. Yuck!

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