Man Dies After Eating Cocaine From Brother’s Derrière

Deangelo Mitchell (right) is looking at a rather novel charge after he allegedly convinced his brother Wayne (left) to eat the one ounce of cocaine he had hidden in his rear end. Police say that Deangelo did not want the police to find the drugs after they took him into custody. Wayne died.

The brothers were captured on video as Deangelo dropped the cocaine on the seat will cuffed in order to have Wayne eat it.

Deangelo was released on bond for the drug charges, but now faces a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

The brothers were pulled over in North Charleston, South Carolina. It is interesting that the prosecutors did not charge felony murder for a death committed in the commission of a felony. Recently, legislators began to look at the statute after a controversial sentence of a woman convicted of arson and given life. In this case, the men were pulled over on a traffic stop that would not amount to a felony. However, they were in possession of an ounce of cocaine.

In my view, the manslaughter crime should be the most that he is charged with. This was an act of utter stupidity. However, he has already paid dearly with the loss of a brother who took extraordinary steps to protect him.

Source: Daily Mail

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18 thoughts on “Man Dies After Eating Cocaine From Brother’s Derrière”

  1. Man thats sad and just stupid. He has to live with him being the cause of his brothers death. What I dont understand why is it he didnt eat it himself, it was in his butt but really you put it all on your lil brother now he will be in jail not for a 2 to 5 year drug charge but a Life sentence for manslaughter. This whole situation was not smart and sad because he wanted to save his self and have his lil brother go down for it and he did surely go down for its just sad………..

  2. my God he was trying to help his brother and for his brother to tell him to eat the dope he will never for get that he is the reason for his brother death that will be for ever in his mine sole and heart some people dnt think about the consanguineous that happen after its all said and done i know the family is going crazy right and the brother i cant imagine what going on in his head.

  3. i don’t know about sleep. i’d say when it hit his bloodstream his heart beat one really large last time.

  4. OL,

    Nope, just go to sleep and vital functions shut down. That much coke would probably work really fast, so there would have been no time to get him to an emergency room–not that an ER would have been anything to do for him.

  5. O-L, short answer is yes, especially if it has not been cut (diluted) very much. 750 to 800 mg is considered a lethal dose for most people although it can vary.

    One ounce is 28,350 milligrams. That is about 35 times the amount needed to cause death.

  6. Wayne was probably trying to help his brother avoid an enhanced sentence; maybe stupid, but more desperate seems to be the case

    BTW, just curious, is ingesting an ounce of coke likely to be fatal?

  7. OS,

    You are absolutely right.
    Tragic for the family..
    But, how could a guy ever do that
    to his own brother..
    Sick and very sad.

  8. AY & Bud,

    Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

    Tragic for the family, but this guy should be nominated for a Darwin Award.

  9. Sounds like some baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad….shit….I do not see how the charges can stick…

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