Gingrich Fails To Qualify In Home State Primary

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

Gingrich At Republican Breakfast With Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. Is that a little egg I see on you face, Newt?

A Wednesday breakfast attended by the cream of Virginia’s Republican Party apparently won’t substitute for the required 10,000 signatures needed to qualify for this year’s Virginia Presidential Primary. Gingrich had assured the assembled dignitaries, including Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, that he had 12 to 14 thousand signatures granting him a ticket along with Mitt Romney and Ron Paul to the sweepstakes. Apparently, he doesn’t.

The lapse is a bit curious since Gingrich and his wife Callista are long-time McLean, Virginia residents, and are active in all things Northern Virginia including both politics and the community band. Callista plays the French Horn. No word on Newt’s musical talent. (I think he plays the gong.)

Virginia election officials rejected the petition since the required 10,000 signatures were lacking. The move is particularly embarrassing since Gingrich had been privately assuring Virginia Republican Party donors that his organizational troubles stemming from a very public exodus of staff in June were over and it was full steam ahead.

Rick Perry’s petition met the same fate as Newt’s with the numbers lacking. For his part, McDonnell has been mum on his endorsement. Often mentioned as a Republican Vice-Presidential candidate (which he has done nothing to quash), the Governor has been courted, but is yet to pick a horse in the field. With this latest political turn, it’s a better than even bet he won’t be selecting a favorite son candidate.

The news is particularly devastating for Newt who’s been touting his broad appeal among conservative voters beyond Iowa. It seems even paid staffers weren’t enough to canvass the Old Dominion in search of 10,000 signatories, and in Virginia that’s strange.

Once regarded as a reliably red state, Virginia has been trending purple as it propelled Obama’s election to the presidency in 2008 and has elected two moderate Democratic US senators.  This latest snafu could be an organizational lapse, or it  might be that the winds of changing are blowing in this bellweather state, or  it may simply be that the folks who know Newt best aren’t buying.

Source: CNN

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

20 thoughts on “Gingrich Fails To Qualify In Home State Primary”

  1. “…..what do you think of this article….”
    I hope everyone here would be too intelligent to fall for such obviously false and inflammatory propaganda. The comments section isn’t so bad.
    “The Nation of Change” actually seems very happy with things staying the way they are.

    1. Deet,
      I see you’re still high on the Kool Aid, be careful acid is a bitch when you come down. Back in the day I used to drink whiskey sours. Their taste in my gut reminded me I had been hallucinating for a long time. Merry Christmas anyway, just be careful of what you wish for next year.

  2. Blouise-

    I like your scenario except for the part about Ron Paul. Substitute “Bernie Sanders” for “Ron Paul” and your novel wins the Pulitzer Prize.

  3. Newt also failed to make the cut in Ohio, a very important swing state, and Missouri! BWAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!! All but, Paul and Romney have missed at least one state, unbelievable! This is now, and will at some point be recognized as, a two man race between Paul and Romney. They have the organization, money, staff, and ground game to go the distance, all the others are merely a distraction. Romney will continue to erode civil liberties, he is planning on increasing our already bloated pentagon budget, and he has zero enthusiasm around his campaign. Let’s hope Paul surprises?

  4. I wonder if anyone in the news media who predicted Gingrich’s triumph is even the least bit embarrassed by their own stupidity?

    This is going to hurt his draw on the “Chicken Dinner” circuit.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Paul gets the nomination, selects Kucinch as his running mate and promise to appoint Turley to Atty. General for the first 4 year term?

  5. And to all a good night…..This may have been the greatest gift of all….the Boy of Orange was not able to deliver for the deep pockets….and lost about 2 percentage points for Congress in the polls…..they are already at an all time low….twice that of the president….I think it sit at 84 or 85 percent disapproval….while the president is at 41 percent…..

    rcampbell…..thanks…that made me smile….teeheee….

  6. And here I thought I was stuffed to the brim with holiday goodies, but yet the irony is delicious. I could have a lot more of this. There’s always room for irony. And Jell-o.

    NOTE TO SELF: talk to the makers of Jell-o about an irony flavor.

  7. So America’s Historian failed to produce 10,000 signatures to qualify for the Virginia Primary. Newt should just arrest the Justices of the Virginia Supreme Court and have them hauled before him to explain what they are going to do to remedy this injustice. It’s called “Extraordinary Renditional Judicial Nullification”.

  8. What an amazing story Mark. I will echo Mike’s comment that the “historian” Newt Gingrich is making Bachmann look smart!

  9. How does this pretentious braggart, who lacks the ability to hire people capable of handling the simplest details of campaign organization, believe he can be an effective Chief Executive? ………….”Chutzpah” and the essential stupidity of a sociopath. When you think you’re smarter than everyone else, that should tell you you’re not. Wisdom is the realization that you don’t know everything. In Newt’s case his emotionally maturity ended in his teens and he may been intelligent academically, but he is dumb in the ways that make him most comical, yet dangerous.

  10. Noot would love to be President but only if it didn’t take any real effort on
    his part. He will continue his long grift, separating the suckers from their hard earn bucks for lectures & books that make them feel like they are intellectuals. And the sugar daddies will see to it that he has access to the lecture circuit & publishing industry because he serves their needs in pacifying the morons.

  11. Newt is going be be a write-in. Like right in there with Sarah Palin, Mike Huckaberry and that Frump guy, phonies out to cash-in on the hoopla to make moola.

  12. “Rick Perry’s petition met the same fate as Newt’s with the numbers lacking”

    Maybe he and Newt can have a “CHAT” or a “BEER SUMMIT” they will have some time on their hands.LOL!!!

  13. “The news is particularly devastating for Newt who’s been touting his broad appeal …”

    Newt is definitely broad–but I’d say he lacks appeal to anyone with a decent memory…or anyone who thinks his “radical proposals” are idiotic and/or unconstitutional.

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