Officer Pulls Over South Carolina Mayor For Speeding . . . Mayor Then Pulls Over Officer

Norway Mayor Jim Preacher was not apparently happy about being pulled over by a South Carolina state trooper for speeding. After being given a ticket, Preacher proceeded to put on his own blue lights and pulled over the trooper in his capacity as Norway’s chief constable.

Notably, the town council disbanded the Norway police department last year. In January, Preacher told the city that he should be paid $32,000 a year as constable but that he would not demand the payment.

Preacher says that he was pursuing a car that he thought was involved in a burglary when pulled over.

He also says that his son Jamie is working for $400 a month to assist with the water and sewer department for the town, which is in obvious financial distress.

Previously, Preacher was accused of breaking into the town hall but insisted that he had a smaller man go through a window when he found he could not get in — but declined to identify the man. He took the action after winning the office but having a dispute with the outgoing mayor — who called the police on the break in and demanded a charge of burglary. Cindy Williams insisted that she had more time to serve a mayor.

It appears that Norway, South Carolina is a previously unknown treasure trove of controversies. We are considering opening a satellite office in Norway for the blog. I am looking at who among our guest bloggers will be dispatched to the location.

18 thoughts on “Officer Pulls Over South Carolina Mayor For Speeding . . . Mayor Then Pulls Over Officer”

    1. I’ve been waiting for a Norwegian to see this, and express appropriate horror. 🙂

  1. From the newspaper article:

    “He promptly had the locks changed and removed the old mayor’s name from the town’s bank accounts.”

    This seems strange. I’ve been elected keeper of the money for various organizations but needed the cooperation of the previous keeper of the money in order to transition the accounts. I couldn’t take their names off, nor add my own w/o their ok.

  2. If nothing else, we should get a subscription to the local paper. It would make good reading.

  3. Perhaps the burglar who Preacher was pursuing was in fact the burglar he had previously employed to break into the town hall. Norway sounds like the kind of town where something like that is very possible.

  4. Dredd,

    You’re probably right….

    Did I hear someone say Banana Republic…

  5. Do you need a passport to go to South Carolina? Sounds like one of those banana republics to me.

  6. You say Norway…..Sounds good…..But its in SC…..If I recall….It’s on the way to Charleston…Maybe, I should volunteer…..

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