Zombies Voting In South Carolina?

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles director Kevin Shwedo testified before a House hearing that more than 950 dead people had voted. Shwedo and his staff used records from the State Election Commission, the state Department of Vital Statistics, and the Social Security Administration to calculate the number of zombie voters. Shwedo forwarded his list of names to state law enforcement.

The South Carolina Attorney General’s office gave the State Election Commission only 6 names from the list of 950. Of those six, one had died after casting an absentee ballot and the other five were very much alive and eligible to vote. State Election Commission director Marci Andino has been trying to get her hands on the entire list but the Attorney General’s office has not been forthcoming. With a record of 0-6, it would not be surprising if the Attorney General’s office found some excuse for not turning over the complete list.

The Attorney General, Alan Wilson, has been a guest on Fox News claiming that 37,000 dead people were registered to vote. Of those 37,000, the DMV is claiming 950 voted in recent elections. The State Election Commission researched the 37,000 voters whom the DMV identified as deceased and discovered that 10 voters in 8 different counties had applied for absentee ballots for the upcoming Republican primary. In every case, those 10 voters were confirmed to be alive and eligible to vote.

The recent South Carolina Republican primary drew 602,000 voters.

The list, which has remained something of a state secret, is viewable only by Republicans claims Senate Democratic Caucus director Phil Bailey. Apparently it’s more advantageous, politically, to have a list of 950 possible fraudulent voters than to subject the list to the scrutiny of the State Election Commission that has already found a 100% error rate in the six names they received.

The Justice Department recently rejected South Carolina’s new law that required photo identification be shown before voting, saying it was discriminatory.

H/T: Kevin Drum, Columbia Free-Times, MediaMatters, Washington Post, FITSNews.

15 thoughts on “Zombies Voting In South Carolina?”

  1. Was there a video feed of the hearing?
    I want to see it. It would be priceless!

  2. Stay classy, South Carolina! Making New Jersey look civilized and Illinois politics look above board by comparison.

  3. and then it turned out they weren’t zombies after all, they were just lyndon larouch supporters.

  4. This does not come out of the blue. Since 1865 there have been srenuous, efforts which were entirely successful, to prevent black voting. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was enacted to counter these efforts which include lynching, poll tax, white only membership in the party primary, literacy tests.
    The last method might bear some scrutiny here. Perhaps this guy who has been on Fox News needs a literacy test to see if he is qualified to be Attorney Gerneral.

  5. Further evidence of how ridiculous and unnecessary the State ID laws are. They are merely an attempt to prevent Democrats from voting. To quote Tallahassee, “The only good Zombie is a dead zombie!” (I think it was Tallahassee that said it!)

  6. I suspect the real zombies are the voters in the GOP primary. Clearly, this is like the old McCarthy trick of naming a random number of Communists in the State Department. the number isn’t real and the AG & DMV offices haven’t done their homework, even as far as cherry picking the what lists to use.

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