FBI Uses Chainsaw To Bust Into Home, Forces Woman To Lie In Dog’s Pee, Prevents Her From Comforting Crying Toddler . . . And Then Announces They Have The Wrong Apartment

In Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Judy Sanchez was at home with her three-year-old daughter when she heard pounding on her door. Before she could do anything, a chainsaw suddenly came tearing through the door and agents then kicked in the remainder with guns drawn. It then got worse . . .

The agents ordered Sanchez to the floor and would not let her go and get her daughter who was crying in the next room. They did tell her to grab her pit bull puppy, which proceeded to pee out of fear. She lay in the dog’s urine for over thirty minutes before the agents realized that they were looking for apartment 2f. She lives in apartment 2R.

Of course, it might have been difficult to read the apartment number since they just chainsawed the front door.

She said that she received a rather perfunctory apology and “Here’s the phone number for your landlord to get reimbursed for the door, have a good day.”

It is not clear if this was a “no knock” warrant — a practice that has been repeatedly criticized as judges allow police to burst into homes based on their statement that the subjects could be dangerous. Even with “knock and announce” searches, police often knock just seconds before the door comes off the hinges.

The use of the chainsaw, of course, adds a horror film aspect to the scene . . . not that it needed it.

Source: CBS as first seen on Reddit.

48 thoughts on “FBI Uses Chainsaw To Bust Into Home, Forces Woman To Lie In Dog’s Pee, Prevents Her From Comforting Crying Toddler . . . And Then Announces They Have The Wrong Apartment”

  1. The manner on this thread is trending towards the slightly confrontational.
    To which I say, “fight, fight, fight..!”

  2. Gene–“In Catallus’ defense, he was making a joke based on posts in another thread.”

    Ha–I thought if anyone got the joke it would be you 🙂

  3. Jacked up on coffee,dognuts, and adreneline isn’t conducive to sound judgment. Make the bastards pay out of pocket for their mistakes and put a ban on all caffeine and sugar while on duty. The administration is trying to control everyone else; so why not law enforcement too?

  4. A guaranteed way to prevent this from ever happening again: hold the FBI agents criminally responsible for what they did. Try them in a criminal court, and if found guilty, sentence them to prison terms (Nothing says “don’t ever do that to an innocent bystander ever again” like a little prison rape). Every agent, cop, etc. will make sure of the address next time.

  5. Mike spin, So after rationalization intellectualization and even more primitive defense mechanism of projection , what else are you going to expose about your psychological being on this thread ? I already detected calling someone a troll because she mentioned something about Obama. Please don’t use the same name calling like bigot racist etc , you have already exposed a lot of that on the fork post .

  6. Mike,

    “Saving Private Ryan” is an excellent movie. As far as the “horrors of war” thing? No movie could ever capture the reality of it, but I’m guessing the first 10 minutes of this film is pretty close to what D-Day was like.

  7. Dean,

    In Catallus’ defense, he was making a joke based on posts in another thread.

  8. Catullus,

    Was “Pvt. Ryan” a good movie, I never wanted to see it? I’m more of an “Inglourius Basterds” kind of guy. I like my surrealism with dead NAZI’s. Though many have tried I would guess it is almost impossible to show the horrors of war realistically. My guess, never having been to war, is that it is impossible in film to fully portray the maddening fear and/or the bloodlust needed to come out alive, while knowing that all the skill in the world could’t save you from a stray bullet. During Viet Nam I was 4F after my SSS physicals. I went to them in terror because I truthfully believed I would’t get out of basic training alive, much less actual combat.

  9. “Obama supporters do not fear to watch the following video”


    The only thing I fear is yet another attempt of your to hijack a thread because of your Obama hatred. In this area you are as bad as any thread hi-jacking troll we’ve ever had here. There are plenty of threads where this would be appropriate, but you are so blinded by your hatred that any thread will do as long as you can bash that NAZI, Communist, Torturer President! You know of course Obama ordered that London attack.

  10. “a better remedy than the department paying treble damages might be to incarcerate and strip the pensions of any officers acting illegally.”


    Part of me agrees with you and part of me doesn’t. Here’s my problem. I worked in a large bureaucracy for 32 years. It is a difficult career path to negotiate and thrive if you are not willing to kiss someone’s ass and ignore doing the right thing. I’ve no doubt that most of the people who come to the FBI for a career (and many LEO’s in general) start out with the best intentions. What happens is the pressure of the “culture” get to most people, who after all are just trying to fit in. Hoover set up an elitist, rigid, top down culture that basically excused illegality if the “higher-ups” demanded it. Hoover was quite mercurial in his likes and dislikes so for most the right course was to just follow orders and cover your ass. Individuality was not a prized character trait.

    Where I’m getting is that while I think the agents actions were deplorable, they had been taught deplorable throughout their careers. Because of this I feel sympathy for their predicament I have mixed feelings. However, in some way I faced the same type of system and my aim was to never let either peer pressure, or the “system” keep me from doing what was right. Morally and ethically they should have known what they did was wrong. They didn’t so I guess in the end they should get what they deserve for a bad act. I respect the concept of LEO’s and Police in general, but many times their methodology is flat out wrong and they need to know they will be punished if they ignore the law. So after that tortured process I guess I have to agree with you. 🙂

  11. This is a world wide attempt to “message” the people into submission. Obama supporters do not fear to watch the following video: 1. it has an ad beginning the news segment about how great Obama is (paid for by Obama of course) and 2. it is taking place in London!

  12. Catullus,

    Snorting cold coffee is not much better than snorting hot coffee. 😀

  13. Mike–“I’m sure there will be those who will respond to this saying that I don’t understand the intricacies ad strains of police work. That will be followed up with the standard justifications of acting under color of legitimate LEO procedure.”

    Of course you don’t understand because you’re not blinded by the “fog of war” and watching the opening sequences to Saving Private Ryan again and again and where you on 911 anyway?

    1. “Of course you don’t understand because you’re not blinded by the “fog of war” and watching the opening sequences to Saving Private Ryan again and again and where you on 911 anyway?”

      The fog of war might concievably justify the battering down of the door and initial actions of the raid but it doesn’t excuse. Having a suspect lay In dig pee for 30 mins.

      In fact there was no fog of war when they targetted the wrong apartment. They screwed up and compounded the mistake by the inhumane treatment of the suspect.

  14. TalkinDog
    “…..When picking the jury get dog lovers on the jury and parents of young kids….”

    When and if it gets to court. National security, you know.

    And thanks to Mike for that wise FBI historical review. I’m sure you had lots you saved for later.

    1. “I’m sure you had lots you saved for later.”


      Don’t get me started. 🙂

  15. Why don’t you people do what I do? Write to Obama. Or write also OpEds, letters to the editor of NYTimes, WaPo, whatever.
    You’re literate and informed. Use it.

    Here’s mine after reading the article on CBS and some of the commentaries.
    Dear President Obama,

    With 20,000 letters from us per day, the odds are little that you read these lines.
    Hopefully many others write you with the same message; and some staff does a status and trend summary for you.

    My issue as many times before: the deteriorating situation regarding our civil rights.

    Today it was a no-knock entry into a wrong address. Purportedly after two years of investigation. The photo and video recalling the event by the mother of a baby, etc.is not only heart-wrenchíng but shames us all. If this link gets to you or your staff, skip the tale; you’ve heard it many times before.
    Note instead the words and tones used by the commenters. They are armed and prepared to fire without waiting when someone starts chainsawing their door.

    Americans are armed. Which the Arabs are not. And now our frustration is growing. This is in no way intended as a threat.
    Rather wishing you to be advised of what could become a dangerous situation.

    As yet, while shocked, the public does not seem to be cowed yet by these questionable FBI etc practices.

    Good luck in hopefully reversing this trend.
    All the combat mentality from Iraq and Afghanistan is malplaced and dangerous ultimately here in our police in the USA.

    The war on drugs is a mistake, as is the one on terrorism. But declaring this country to be a war zone is incredible in my opinion.
    End quote

    A PS was added about flying nanocopters with link. If what you see and hear does not make you frightened, then you must like war movies.

  16. Problem with treble damages is that comes out of the taxpayers pocket at the end of the day. Make the law that agents are personally responsible, and police, for conduct for which they can be found liable.

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