State Trooper Kills Woman With Taser Instead Of Chasing Her

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Florida Highway Patrol officer Daniel Cole used his taser to stop a fleeing Danielle Maudsley. As a result, Maudsley fell and cracked her head on the concrete roadway. Maudsley has been brain dead ever since and is not expected to recover.

Maudsley had been arrested in a hit-and-run case and taken to a Florida Highway Patrol substation for processing. Maudsley, clad in handcuffs, fled out the door of the substation with Cole running right behind her. Cole drew his taser and shot Maudsley in the back. Cole has been cleared of wrongdoing by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

It was Cole’s responses to investigators’ questions that are most troubling.

If she makes it [to U.S. 19], you know, there’s no winning. I can’t let her get out and get run over.

What self-serving tripe! This is exactly the kind of response that one would expect from someone who’s trying to come up with an excuse to justify their actions.

Cole was also concerned that one or both of them would be injured if he tackled her. Is tackling her the only alternative to tasering her? How about moving your 267 pound fat ass and grabbing her? Cole’s weight is three times that of Maudsley. Notice how Cole plays the “officer safety” card. This card is often played when justifying the use of excessive force.

The cracking of her head on the concrete roadway was an entirely foreseeable outcome of the tasering. This young woman is dead because the trooper couldn’t be troubled running after her.

H/T: Hit & Run, Tampa Bay Dispatch.

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  1. she could have hit her head on the ground if he tackled her, too..she shouldn’t have run. it sucks but there are consequences for stupid actions, she knew better.

    1. Dear tina, how are you so sure that Danielle knew better than to run?
      Running from danger is a natural response , Just the shear size of trooper Cole would put a scare into just about anybody! maybe she thought he was
      going to eat her! maybe he told her he was going to eat her!!
      Just saying without an independent investigation we will never know the truth. Try assuming she was afraid and in fear of her life… then you will see
      why SHE KNEW BETTER such a crappy thing to say about a young
      girl that lay motionless in a coma !

  2. i would run from the cops if they had me. ever heard of “fight or flight?” there’s no reason to taser someone who is frightened and harmless, trying to protect themselves… there’s no reason for a 250 lb cop to use a weapon on a 100 lb girl. i agree with the cowardliness and pigheadedness that is associated with cops today. they deserve it.

    1. This same cop shot a pastor during a traffic stop, a man working in his own barn and of course tasered this girl because he was too fat to catch her. He was cleared of all charges in each case. Is it time for independent review?

    2. Super pooper trooper Cole should be fully investigated for his dastardly deeds, I’m pretty sure his job is being protected by an equally corrupt fat cat .
      justice is not in the works at the good ole state trooper station in Pinellas county Florida . shame on them for not dismissing Pooper Cole.
      Doesn’t the state have weight guidelines for State Troopers?
      I for one am sick of feeding pooper Cole with the peoples tax dollars!

  3. People, looks like there are plenty of people against police protection out there. Even if it was my own child whom I raise to honor the authority and do good not evil, and he would had died, so be it for breaking the law. If you do crime and then resist arrest, death is possible or bodily harm; depending how that person acts. We are a people of laws for our protection and have those over us to police those laws. THANK GOD for that protection, or we would die in our homes at nights because of no fear because absent of a police force. Think about it.

    1. That comment has got to be the most heartless thing I have ever read.
      spoken like a true Tyrant. You have got the whole police protection idea
      half ass backwards. Sure she broke a law, sure she tried to get away,
      she was probably afraid. So for that she get’s shot in the back with a taser.
      Doesn’t sound like police protection to me.
      Sounds more like a out of control public servant. serving the police state
      that ensures his pay check. may god have no mercy on his soul.

  4. Trooper Cole does not deserve to wear any uniform ! With only one exception and that is a striped one with PRISON stamped on the front and back, shame on the entire Highway Patrol for employing such a piece of crap !

  5. Cop was just to fat a lazy to chase anyone so feel he should not be fit to serve as a cop in the first place.

  6. The majority of cops in the state of florida are very overweight. They can’t even get a bullet proof vest to fit them. They need to implement weight standards. But because of the police unions the state can’t. Which is more of a public threat. A handcuffed person running or an obese cop who can’t catch a criminal

  7. Maybe she was running away from the cops because she’s seen some of these video clips where the cops cuff a woman, “search” her, otherwise abuse her, taser her, walk on somebody, smash video cameras, and otherwise deal with “suspects” in various ways that prevents the “a55holes” from getting away. She might have been genuinely terrorized by being in the custody of these goons. She might have realized that once you’re in the control of armed and dangerous people who feel that whatever they do will be excused, your life isn’t worth very much. Maybe she fled because she felt threatened. After all, she was exonerated after the “situation,” wasn’t she? You can bet that if they had real evidence against her and THEN this happened, they wouldn’t have pretended they had nothing to arrest her for in the first instance.

  8. Am I the only one to zero in on the fact that she and he were so close to the door that the dash cam could hear him say, “Where are you going?”

    My take is that LEO expected her to run and gave her opportunity. His tazer was out so fast, I think he knew she was going out the door when he asked his question.

    I see set up.

  9. QUOTE “But anybody who has ever worked in the field of public safety knows that your own personal safety comes first – everybody else comes after.”

    Yep, no courage from our cops anymore – big sissies ready to use deadly force at the drop of a hat I guess.

  10. QUOTE “But anybody who has ever worked in the field of public safety knows that your own personal safety comes first – everybody else comes after.”

    Wrong, people’s rights come first, if they want a “safe” job then they need to go back to barber school….

  11. Patric:

    She wasn’t heading toward US 19 when he shot her. There was no evidence she would have run out onto US 19. Sure, she might have run out onto US 19, she might have done a lot of things.

    Cole just picked the most dangerous thing nearby and used it to justify his actions.

  12. ” If she makes it [to U.S. 19], you know, there’s no winning. I can’t let her get out and get run over.”

    “What self-serving tripe!”

    Hold your ponies, legal lips.

    I’ve treated more arrested suspects in handcuffs than I can count. I’ve seen plenty who were clearly clobbered after they were in custody, as well as before. I’ve testified against wacko cops, After 3 decades, I’ve heard about every excuse out there – by suspects AND cops. So my take is this:

    The self-serving tripe comment is over-blown and – if seriously uttered – too naive for words. There are plenty of reasons why a cop doesn’t want a suspect running in the streets that have nothing to do with altruism, up to and including the fact that once in custody – that L.E. agency is now responsible for their welfare. Who pays for a suspect’s medical bills? The cop shop does. Who gets blamed for pretty much anything that happens after someone’s iin custody? The cops do.

    Had this particular suspect run into traffic, lots of things can happen besides her getting hit, and most of them are bad. People swerve & crash into bus stops. Who wants to get pulled into that legal mess?

    “How about moving your 267 pound fat ass and grabbing her? Cole’s weight is three times that of Maudsley. Notice how Cole plays the “officer safety” card.”

    In the first place, his weight may well have been the reason he knew he couldn’t catch her. So in a matter of seconds he decides not to shoot her, and he can’t catch her. Well, there go two options.

    Now, is the “officer safety card” often abused? No doubt about it. But anybody who has ever worked in the field of public safety knows that your own personal safety comes first – everybody else comes after. And that’s a fact of life.

    And then, of course, had she been tackled only to end up with the same injuries, or struck by a car – we would all get to hear the cacophony of “why didn’t they Taze her, for godsakes.”

    So were I to start slicing the responsibility apportionment pie, a fleeing suspect would get by far the biggest piece.

  13. Tazers were originally introduced as a replacement for batons. When judging the appropriateness of the level of force, you should ask “Would the use of a baton have been appropriate here?”

    In my judgment, he could have easily smashed her skull with a baton rather than the more modern Tazer, but both lead to the same outcome. She is dead. He killed her. It was not an accident.

  14. time outs and groundings or loss of privileges, depending on the age and the transgression.

  15. Johnny R …this old Marine would kick the crack outta her ass if she did.
    I hope this is just rhetoric. My dad was a marine during wwii and he had a similar mindset. it was abuse then, it’s abuse now. time outs are much more effective.

  16. All he had to do was grab her, throw her over his shoulder and walk back in. Doing that would never enter my mind. I don’t think he meant to harm her and I would bet he probably regrets it. I know I would. I have a 19 yr old daughter. She never got in trouble because she knew this old Marine would kick the crack outta her ass if she did.

  17. Jus the facts,mam!…… Face the facts people, in this day and age we are on the verge of a police state. Our law enforcement are programmed (brainwashed) into believing everyone is guilty until proven innocent. I for one wouldn’t take a job in law enforcement. At some point they (law enforcement) will be put in a position of killing civilians or loose their jobs. No amount of money is worth that. I applaud and support the good and sensible officers we have. What kind of gang laden streets and communities would we have if not for them?

  18. When cop first appears in the video he is about 2 steps behind her with his taser already in his hand.

    She was tiny and was able to slip her hands out of the handcuffs. Since she did this in the car it seems reasonable that she would do it again. Why wasn’t the officer between her and the door? Guess he thought he was one-who-must-be obeyed and she didn’t agree. He saved himself the embarrassment of “losing” a handcuffed suspect from the station house at a terrible and unnecessary cost to her and her family.

    Poor judgement all around on his part.

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