Florida Man Arrested For Stealing Judge’s Nameplate And Then Posting Picture With It On Facebook

Steven Mulhall, 21, appears to have a wealth of bad ideas. According to police, his first bad idea was a series of thefts leading to being put on probation. His really bad idea was to pry the nameplate of a Broward Circuit Judge Michael Orlando off his door while visiting the courthouse. His really really bad idea was to take a picture of himself with the nameplate. His really really really bad idea was to post the picture on his girlfriend’s Facebook site.

Mulhall, 21, of Coral Springs, is accused of doing. He is now in jail for violating his probation and his local judge is the victim.

Because this may have been Mulhall’s rather labor intensive way of friending the judge on Facebook.

Source: Sun Sentinel

11 thoughts on “Florida Man Arrested For Stealing Judge’s Nameplate And Then Posting Picture With It On Facebook”

  1. Haha sounds like a little troublemaker all right. My other thought is perhaps the kid is a Kleptomaniac and needs treatment.

  2. He’s barely a “man.” I agree with AY: With the proper guidance, the reckless/impulsive (reckless for a myriad of reasons, including mental-health issues) often grow into the most compassionate, wise beings. I’m with giving the kid-man a break.

  3. As a practicing criminal defense attorney, stories like this give me comfort in a slow economy. There will always be work. Unfortunately our nation’ s main manufactured good now seems to be the dumb-ass.

  4. People assume he wants to stay out of jail. He may very well be trying to find some means of making a living or establishing some cred for his newest rap video.

  5. Raff,

    Even those that have some really bad ideals themselves as a kid become….. Judges….lawyers….. Doctors and such…. I recall a story of a friend of mine that told we some rather interesting story’s of apas that went on to higher offices like the supreme court and in my opinion they are one of the most reasonable ones on the court….. Maybe the errant child maybe looking for some guidance….. You have to give him credit for having balls….. Who knows…. He may end up on wall or k street…..

  6. To quote form VP Dan Quayle
    “what a waste it is to lose one’s mind or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is”

  7. He needs to work. He needs to be assigned to a public dump somewhere and be tasked with recycling things from commingled piles into discrete dumpsters. An 8 hour day for six weeks. Video tape him while he is at work. Show his friends and neighbors the video on Utube or upyourtube so that he is in his glory working at the garbage dump.

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