Indiana Father Arrested After Beating Coach Into Unconsciousness For Making Daughter Run Laps

In the last week, we have had one dad who blinded a goalie with a laser in a girl’s hockey game and another dad who bit off part of the ear of an opposing coaches ear after his son lost a basketball game. Now comes Shelly S. Miller, 37, who is charged with felony battery after allegedly punching an assistant basketball coach at St. Stanislaus School to the point of his losing consciousness.

The attack occurred after Miller’s daughter was one of two player punished and made to run laps by the coach. Miller arrived and reportedly proceeded to punch assistant coach Jeffrey Yackus — even climbing on top of him on the ground and continuing to pummel the coach.

What is most remarkable about this latest attack is the severity. This is not likely to go well for Miller. Anyone who would not only lose his temper at a school practice but beat a man into unconsciousness has obvious anger issues and would appear a danger to society. The added element of interjecting violence into a school is likely to guarantee jail time in sentencing if convicted.

Source: WSBT

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  1. Hello! I am a Christian on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ!! The Bible says that you shall know them by there fruit, and to Repent (Which means turn away from your Sin and Follow Christ) As Christians we are supposed to grow to the full measure and Stature of Christ! He is our Standard!! And as for Church I am the Church and if your A Christian reading this So are you!! Allow God to Be God in and through you and move in the power of the Holy Spirit!! Pray for this Dad who has fallen into Sin to have the Relationship Christ Jesus! Receive Christ and your Life will never, ever, be the Same!!!!

    1. Would you like to comment on the topic Aja or would you like to bail some hay with jesus’s follower- loving chitlins.

      Why are their monks? They are cowards. Here you all are doing your daily tasks to make a living and enjoy your freetime and you KNOW sometimes there are things of recklessness and abandone. These are not defaultly ‘satanic’ as your bishops and fellow molestors and donation plate skanks are preaching of. Why should they avoid the very same taunts and tempts on their psyche just as you have to but while celibate? They must not be able to manage. They hide at monasteries.

      Lets start with how the ‘elite of christians’ conduct themselves and we’ll encounter why parochial schools would be a closed and shuttered system if the money wasn’t flowing in from sports programs. Sports programs, mind you, that have nothing to do with faith. Just a political ploy for the nasty truth not to be noticed so quickly. Enter this guy who could use a fish bowl of water for his gills , where-ever he crawled up from… and some understanding his dispute with the coach starts with a talking like a guy and not revolting like a Nigerian rifle garnered 9 year old who gets scared about even his reaction to girls.

      Just as a matter of whether one is a christian, avoiding the topic to spill some rhetoric is not going to get you props. -OR- that this is why things on capital hill don’t happen because the opening and evening prayers seem to satisfy the dolts craving of self righteousness before productivity.

      #Michael Bench for USA President 2012

  2. Isn’t it interesting how quickly finger pointing comes to the surface when a Christian school is involved in a bad incident like this girl’s angry father. Columbine high school shootings, recess rape, teacher beating, hazing, drugs, gang fights, bringing weapons to class, etc., is much more common in public schools and everyone knows this to be true. However, when it comes to Christian oriented schools, some agnostic or atheist type people can’t wait to finger point. It’s their judgmental and self righteous way of saying “I’m just as good as you are even if I don’t follow Jesus.”

    Making an issue out of what type of school is involved is not even close to the real issue at hand. The primary issue is an out of control dad who lost it big time, Christian school or public school not withstanding. The manner in which the teacher handled the situation is clearly secondary. So let’s get the finger pointing out of the equation and get on with the primary issue of rightly punishing the angry dad for breaking the law, then get him into anger management counseling so he can change his behavior, and get on with life.

    However, another side issue here is the mentality of some of the people who have shared their comments above. It appears they think Christians should be perfect or close to it. Thankfully, the last time I walked into a church it was full of sinners, all of whom were there to get help and encouragement to live as Jesus taught. No one was close to perfect, which made me feel right at home.

    If I walk into a garage does that make me a car? If I join a basketball team does that make me a good player? If I walk into a church or a Christian school does that make me a Christian? Of course not. I personally know of families who attend Christian schools who have no desire whatsoever to honor Jesus Christ or place their trust in His Lordship. So I don’t assume this dad is or is not a Christian. Instead, I assume he is a dad in need of help and needs to get in control of his anger problem.

    I also know of professors who don’t have a personal faith in Christ, who teach in colleges sponsored by Christian organizations, and who in fact, are agnostic toward God. And strange as it may seem, I recently heard a minister of a church admit he got “born again” (became a committed believer) years after he had already been ordained as the pastor.

    When it comes down to the fallible and imperfect church, overseen by a perfect God, you will always find hypocrites and deceivers (even self deceived people) who sneak in under the rug and get involved in a Christian school or church. But you will also find people who get involved because they recognize their personal hypocrisy and arrogance against God, and hope that by joining a Christian church or school, they might find answers to their lack of faith, and thus, get strength from God to improve their lives.

    Where did some of the reply people to this issue get the idea that Christian schools or churches were full of saints? Everyone of us has major faults, some that we hide and others obvious as the nose on our face. It’s time to get off our soap box and stop pointing fingers at the public schools or Christian schools and point it back at ourselves. Remember, when you point your index finger at someone you have three fingers pointing back at yourself.

    1. Jim , you’ve hit your own conceit directly on in your presentation of defensiveness: Read your own quote

      “However, when it comes to Christian oriented schools, some agnostic or atheist type people can’t wait to finger point. It’s their judgmental and self righteous way of saying “I’m just as good as you are even if I don’t follow Jesus.” ”

      What do you mean by “good”? That I’m A Citizen Good or christian good. Here’s the lesson: If you believe that having your child taught christian values is a good thing you pay for, then most likely your a christian. Why wouldn’t you be? What the father did is what I pointing out, how christians are taught to conduct themselves. Matthew 18:21-35. Do you understand that? If you piss others off.. such as atheists.. take your two punches for your wrong and then forgive us 70×7 times .They’re your rules.. Obey them. Paying for school for any reason to be separate from public system is not a self justification of elitism. It also means you’re a snob and a hypocrite.
      Catholic school, I can tell that, its not a ‘charter intelligence school your defending, Why isn’t it free like Catholic services? Can’t you ask yahweh for a bailout or annual tuition, Where’s that faith with the tramp stamp ” In god you trust ” on the currency? Practically same account.

      If a child is incompetent at age 18 to join christianity, that then is their right. Circumcision also. Matthew 5:17-48. He gave you rules. that Jesus guy.. Yeshua bin Yosef,,,he was a scribe. WHere are HIS BOOKS?
      The guy who had male and female disciples but you only get taught the males and probably have NO CLUE who Lilith is . Parade your school for a reference? very well , Make sure they are teaching that males are trying to keep Lilith underneath them and calling them Eve. #WalmartfemaleClassaxn, #LillyLedbetter

      Jim, I can point you at the hypocrites of your society and church. Military chaplains. If they aren’t trying to get troops to drop out for bloodshed, they aren’t real christians.

      St. Peter is at the gates because he is not inside them. he denied jesus 3x AFTER he was given the keys. FAIL.

      Even your response has no patience or lack of pride of your fake ill hearted sense of salvation.

      WHat is after death? Prove IT. AND WHERE IS THE ALLEGED IMMORTAL JESUS? Mc Donalds? Is he at Ikea HQ? Where is your immortal?, Jim. When you grew up may be 20-50 years from now but wearing the suit of a pew barnacle is not its indication.

      Don’t forget Satanists, we’re citizens too. 1966 Church of Satan. I’m not a member, i’m working on Sainthood. Our brand is on the capitol. Now go climb a cross and die.

      Michael Bench for USA President 2012

      1. For the General Audience:

        Marian High School :Catholic school in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania
        Student charged with having pills

        HOMETOWN – A 17-year-old Barnesville boy is facing charges by Rush Township police after an incident at Marian High School on Monday.

        Police said the boy was caught with three Xanax pills.

        Charges will be filed with Magisterial District Judge Stephen J. Bayer, Tamaqua.
        The crimes that occur in public school are not an indication that the worst criminals come from public school. Jails are filled with ‘christians’. Sports that the diocese makes the post season tournament bracket suit their teams also are thieving College scholarships from public schools. It Happens because it was going on in Allentown,PA . Paying for school has no guarantee or pedigree that your children are better Americans. They aren’t .When Jim has his answers about the value of the faith education he defends., I’ll applaud him to assemble his soapbox.

  3. They are all catholic school sports teams. Something is very
    wrong at the CYO.

  4. Aside from the obvious revulsion of the dad’s senseless act, the story raises the issue of punishing kids by making them run laps. When I coached, I rarely used this method of showing displeasure. It made the idea of running a negative experience when that is precisely what I was trying to avoid. Also I found separating the misbehaving or nonperforming athlete just as effective. I ‘ve seen coaches run kids to the point of exhaustion with vomiting and near heat exhaustion ensuing. This dangerous under any scenario.

    Interestingly, I had an occasion when a group of great kids taught me something about running and attitude. I once coached a very overachieving team into the finals of youth league football. They were playing a team that was undefeated for 3 straight years. Due to the weather we practiced in a gymnasium and followed the usual ritual of end the practice with a few sprints and a post-session stretch. The team had a wonderful group of leaders who were not the best athletes in the league but surely as motivated as any of them. They asked me how many sprints and I replied, “just do as many as you think you need to get ready for tomorrow and finish up with a stretch.” I expected the usual 10 up and backs and then a five minute stretch.The assistants and I went into the lobby area away from the gym to talk to the parents about the following day’s game plans. The meeting went long since the weather was an issue and we had to work out logistics and contingencies.

    After about 30 minutes, one of the parents called me over and asked why the kids were still running. I apologized and said I didn’t know. I went in the gym and every kid , all 25 of them – tall, short, fat, and skinny — were working their butts off. I called an end to the sprints and then summoned a captain. The kid was big and hated running sprints all season. I asked him why so may sprints. He said, “Coach, we told everybody to run until they didn’t want to anymore. But some of the guys wanted to to show you we’d work as hard as you did this year. No one wanted to drop out.”

    That championship was already won when the next day dawned even though we lost the game. Their team picture hangs on my own little “Wall of Honor.”

  5. I grew up playing hockey and in hockey, like other sports, we have things called ladders. skate to the blue line and back to the goal line, skate to the red line and back to the goal line, skate to the opposite blue line and back to the goal line, skate to the opposite goal line and back to the starting goal line…rinse, wash, & repeat as needed.

    Had my father ever came in on a practice and saw me skating ladders alone or with just a couple other players, he would have thought “I wonder what he did” and depending on what I had done “I hope they gave him a lot of ladders”

    This is just an example of the greater trend of parents thinking their kids are entitled to be stars regardless of the effort they put in.

    I also wonder what race the majority of the players on the team are, if she is one of a few African Americans did the father think it was racially motivated? Did he think his daughter is better than the rest because of her race and how its associated with basketball?

    I kind of hate bringing that last part up because it borders on stereotyping…but I know of a real world example where my future sister-in-law has an African American on her team of mostly white girls. This girl really just isn’t that athletic, but her father believes she is the next Sherl Swoops.

    I’ve also seen a lone African on a hockey team and how his father always felt that if he didn’t get enough ice time or was singled out by the coach for a mistake it was because of the color of his skin (it wasn’t.)

    Either way, this is obviously not a ‘good Christian’ parent, I like how it sheds light on Jesus in the schools.

  6. Raff,

    Not much of an example…… But are we seeing a trend in saint named schools…..or is this just an anomaly…….

  7. Mikki – yeah its odd. We keep being told there would be none of these problems if we would simply let Jesus into our schools, maybe post the 10 commandments. I guess this case is, as Homer Simpson would declare, “UNPOSSIBLE!”

    As far as figuring out if the guy is a ‘real’ Christian? Theres a story about real Scotsmen – the short version:
    No Scot would do that!
    But I’m Scottish I I do that!
    Then you are not a real Scotsman!

  8. John – did you read the link you posted? Were you being sarcastic?

    I’d like to know what the punishment was for & how many laps. This was pretty standard practice when I was a kid. It not only made you regret the misdeed it made you a better performer.

  9. Wrong psychology anyone?

    It isn’t punishing coach, it is remedial or supplementary or endurance enhancement, etc……..but maybe the coach called it that while sneering ironically to the father. Nobody knows how that transaction really happened.
    But obviously it was well deserved or the father had many greivances to cool off by venting. Will he get time to do so? Will his daughter benefit? Maybe.?

    Try this for size.

  10. Weak parents build week kids. Its not the same circumstance to compare. The daughter wasn’t in danger like the grandchild was in danger. 3 Hours is outrageous. Senile type outrageous. Being angry over his daughter being made to look inferior is something that the population will need to understand yet not tolerate of African American males.

    That cord isn’t even being touched.Yeh theres an anger problem. There might also be a coorelation. If your daughter is running laps, she might need another sport she’s better at or a cultural/ ethnic thing other than church so her social calender doesn’t interfere with the sports program. The progress of the team depends on willing subordinates to the coaching. If independence of adolescence is the problem.. because it IS adolescense.

    check this out.. No body is saying much about the irony that its violence at St. Stanislaus school is a parochial school. This father is NONPRACTICING christian.

  11. Another violent parent at another Christian school. From the website:


    As we welcome you on your virtual tour of St. Stanislaus School, we echo the invitation of Jesus. His is the heartbeat of our school, and we hold as our primary mission the sharing of the Gospel. Whether studying mathematics, discussing current events or expressing creativity in art, we teach our students to illumine everything with the light of faith.

    Mr Miller sure ‘illumined’ the head of coach Yackus real, real good, but I don’t think it was at the invitation of Jesus. Good thing Mr Miller wasn’t an atheist – they have no morals it is said.

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