29 thoughts on “Leave The Driving To Google”

  1. Woosty,
    On second thought, you maybe were kidding me. Go ahead and laugh in which case. I was so flabbergaste at your words that I ate it all up, including eventual cactus spines.

    I love to write (or babble), but poetry? No. ambitions.

  2. GeneH
    After kicking some shit at me on the Sgt’s site, you come here and take away my thread by replying to Sheamus instead of to me.. Cars I have owned and despise was my thread.
    Guess you missed that.
    But you know the rules far better than I. Just like you kissed Woosty for the “like” of Blouise—-Blouise, who, in fact, was talking to me.

    Are you playing “keep-away”? I know the game well.

  3. “A ’66 Alfa Romeo convertible on salted winter roads in Sweden. Holes in your bottom, tra la la.”
    that is an amazing sentence…..a poem!

  4. I707, I took my first flying lesson in 1950. However, my flying career consists of an exactly equal number of takeoffs and landings. There were a few occasions when the arithmetic came close to not balancing the equation. I hate trying to land an airplane with pieces falling off of it.

  5. junctionshamus,

    Discounting some “family” vehicles I learned on, my first was a 1970 Buick Electra 225 Convertible with a 455. You could have landed a helicopter on the hood. The 455 made in to a real lead sled too. Gads! What a monster! lol

  6. OS
    The tales are numerous.
    Remember that two pito tubes are worthless, no better than one when the de-icing fails. So there you go stalling and spin away. Your turn.

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