What Happens in Vegas, Stays In Vegas: GSA Official Invokes Right To Remain Silent in Congressional Hearing

This is not exactly the picture you want public when you are invoking your Fifth Amendment Privilege Against Self-Incrimination. The picture shows General Services Administration official Jeff Neely enjoying a spa tub and wine as part of the $822,000 Las Vegas conference that is now the subject of a congressional investigation, as previously discussed. Neely, the GSA’s Public Buildings Service regional commissioner, invoked his Fifth Amendment rights in a hearing. His seat remained vacant at the hearing after his invocation.

The refusal to testify raises in interesting question of whether an official (who must routinely appear before Congress or its members) should be fired for invoking a constitutional right. Neely still remains employed (though under suspension) by the federal government but has refused to answer questions from the federal government. He however is facing both a congressional and possible criminal investigation. There is no question that as a potential criminal defendant he would be unwise to testify without immunity. Yet, should that be grounds for his termination? We generally do not allow federal employees to be punished for the use or invocation of their constitutional rights. What do you think?

Source: Politico

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  1. puzzling, Are you saying only corporate executives and banksters deserve to be paid well? You don’t get tax deferred restricted stock options working for the government.

  2. “Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in, the only cure is to load up on heinous chemicals and then drive like a bastard from Hollywood to Las Vegas … with the music at top volume and at least a pint of ether.” – Hunter Thompson

  3. My paternal grandmother went quite a bit but, then,again,she was a gambler. She did teach me how to play cards well. ha!ha! My husband has gone to meetings there on occasion but he doesn’t like it either.

  4. There’s thousands more where he came from, and more than twenty million Neely protégés across all levels of government.

    And for his contribution to multi-generational theft from as yet unborn taxpayers, Neely still earns $170K year plus bonuses and benefits – including a lifetime pension that he will be enjoying for decades at the expense of our grand-children’s standard of living.

  5. SwM,

    Youngest just returned. She always wins.

    We were there once … surreal … will never go back.

  6. I’m looking for a government job as well. It is like the next best thing to retirement. Do you think they provide the hookers as part of this position Or is that just for the presidents detail men?

  7. In the words of Delmar to Pete and Everett, “I’m with you fellas.”

  8. Elaine,

    You’ve been missed……. Where have you been hiding……

    I think I need to clarify my previous post……

    I’m with everyone that’s with everyone that’s with everyone else…..

  9. Inquiring minds want to know: Who took that picture? Hmmm????? Snooki? It looks like a portrait of Jersey Shore guy goes to Vegas.

    I’m with mespo, anon, and the rest of the crowd.

  10. If they offer qualified immunity to one person in the know, there will be widespread panic and a lot of upraised hands. We will be treated to a gaggle of bureaucrats all yelling, “Pick me. Pick me.”

  11. Well…. Well…. Glad that I have already replied…… I agree with mespo and AY2………

  12. I’m glad Mr. Turley used the term “generally” about not punishing federal employees for the use or invocation of their constitutional rights. I agree with Mespo.

  13. He is the employee of the taxpayers. He refuses to testify about his use of taxpayer funds, as a non lawyer that does not right. (Invoking makes him sound even guiltier then he might be.)

  14. Fire his ass. If he refuses to cooperate in an oversight investigation into how he has performed his job, then clearly he is not fulfilling job related duties.

  15. Oh, he has every right to invoke the 5th and his employers (us) have every right to toss him out on his ear if proof exists that he wasted public funds.

    It’s sort of a symbiotic constitutional situation: You employ the leech; you can fire the leech. He gets his rights and we, as the ultimate employer, get ours but not our money back.

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