GW Torts Paintball Team Defeats The Contracts Team 9-1

The epic battle is over. Our Torts Team (composed of myself, Jonathan Foster, Jeff Gilson, David Glanton, and Josh Hall) returned from the hills of Virginia victorious over the Contracts Team led by Professor Gregory Maggs.
Not since the Battle of Thermopylae has the world witnessed a more inspiring sight than these young men of Torts standing before their contracts rivals.

The over two hour contest began in the “fort” with both teams trying to take a wooden fortress. I was able to draw first blood by taking out Professor Maggs, who proceeded in the next battle to expertly take me out. What ensued was a series of firefights so intense that we expended our 500 rounds each after first hour — Professor Maggs and I secured an additional 2000 rounds to continue the war.

Both sides played with fierce loyalty and great humor. It was truly a ball and much closer than the final score reflected. The Torts Team was equipped with a helmet camera and I am told we will soon have an array action shots of this historic day. What could not be captured is the sense of Benjamin Cardozo guiding our team to victory. More than one member of our team heard the whispers of “Polemis,” “Wagon Mound,” and “Palsgraf” as they charged across the field to victory.

However, the best entrance award goes to Maggs who showed up in a sweet ride: his 1963 Ford Galaxy that has been in his family since it was purchased new.

It was an awesome afternoon and I am particularly thankful to my colleague Greg Maggs who split the costs with me for the event and was an incredibly gracious opponent. He was also a deadly shot and a stealthy fighter as many of us learned.

The torts team was a thing to behold. Jonathan Foster, Jeff Gilson, David Glanton, and Josh Hall were brilliant and shall now be known throughout the world as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Congratulations to both teams on a great day — and, even more importantly, almost $3000 raised for public interest work.

15 thoughts on “GW Torts Paintball Team Defeats The Contracts Team 9-1”

  1. hopefully the losing side is done with fish (or the winning side need not prank no more) ((*_*))

  2. Looks like fun… no female law students on the front lines of this battle?

  3. We never had so much fun. Oh, that’s right, paintball wasn’t even invented when Prof Max Pock taught contracts and a young Prof Bob Park taught me torts.

  4. The battle must have been epic, since you all look fearsome in the photos. Onward Torts!

  5. 9-1? Holy Mackerel! That’s a decisive victory by any definition. Congratulations, Team Torts!

  6. I am sure it was the full equal of Robert the Bruce’s stand at Bannockburn. Such an epic battle will go down in the annals of…….something.

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