Lo Blow: Wife Sues Neiman Marcus Over Husband’s Affair With Her “Personal Shopper” and $1.4 Million of Charges

Patricia Walker was no doubt flattered.  While many husband have to be pushed to bring even flowers on their wife’s birthday, Walker’s husband  Bobby Tennison showered her with gifts from Neiman Marcus — $1.4 million worth of gifts ($850,000 in 2009 alone).  Then Walker discovered that Tennison was having an affair with her “personal shopper” at Neiman.  Even the woman’s name seems to come out of a dime novel, Favi Lo.  It was a clever concept for an affair:  the wife gets a steady stream of gifts, the mistress gets commissions on the gifts, the husband gets the mistress. If true, it is like the Trade Triangle of Affair but instead of Molasses to Rum to Slaves, Tennison created Gifts to Commissions to Sex. Here is the really groovy part: Walker is suing Neiman Marcus.

What is particularly cunning is that the gifts from jewelry to glass sculptures to furs, were paid by Walker’s credit card. Normally, Walker would spend $100,000 a year at Neiman Marcus.

Walker says that Neiman “directly profited from Lo’s conduct and deceit.” She insists that, had she known, she would never have accepted the gifts and that the purchases therefore amounted to fraud.

It is hard to see how this would be a meritorious claim unless she is arguing that Neiman was knowingly running a stable of prostitutes like some retail pimp. For its part, Neiman Marcus simply says that customers may return, for credit, any items with which they “are not completely satisfied.” They should not be surprised to find a Robert “Bobby” Tennison, 65, tied up in a Neiman bag in the morning seeking a full refund.

As for Favi Lo, she is fortunate that this occurred in Texas which does not recognize alienation of affection as a tort. Texas Family Code 1.107 states, “A right of action by one spouse against a third party for alienation of affection is not authorized in this state.”

By the way, this is not the first tort action involving such allegations against Neiman Marcus in Dallas. In 1952, there was a New York case involving a claim of “group libel.” In Neiman-Marcus v. Lait, 13 FRD 311 (SDNY 1952), employees of that high-end store sued the author of a book titled “U.S.A. Confidential.” The book claimed that some of the models at the store and all of the saleswomen in the Dallas store were “call girls.” It further stated that most of the salesmen in the men’s department were “faggots.” The issue came down to the size of the group. With 382 saleswomen and models, the court found that the group was too large. However, with the 25 salesmen, the court found that an action could be maintained. That was before the fetching fetcher Favi Lo, of course.

On a final note. Sometime I just love the law.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Can_you_sue_for_alienation_of_affection_in_Texas#ixzz1wXZZuFp4

Source: Chronicle

37 thoughts on “Lo Blow: Wife Sues Neiman Marcus Over Husband’s Affair With Her “Personal Shopper” and $1.4 Million of Charges”

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  6. Patricia I’m glad you survived your car accident and you found out the truth before the lo life Neiman Marcus Gold Digger,tried to steal your identity and I hope you win your lawsuit for yourself and all the other women who have been betrayed!!!

  7. What i do not realize is in truth how you’re no longer really a lot more well-preferred than you might be now. You’re very intelligent. You know therefore significantly when it comes to this matter, produced me for my part believe it from so many numerous angles. Its like women and men are not involved unless itˇ¦s something to do with Woman gaga! Your own stuffs great. Always handle it up!

  8. Julie that was pretty good!Lmao!! But what are you complaining about? He did leave with a sway back horse(from hauling his big ass around).Ps. We think he just wanted to get his picture made with his duster coat on. Did you say he had three other wives? Would love to hear from them or one of his other women from his many affairs.

    1. Bobby Tennison, he had his first name legally changed after he moved to Texas in 2004 to marry Patricia–and he hated his mother for naming him Bobby. Maybe his hatred of women is what caused him to dog Patricia, who treated him like gold, or leave his ex wife #2 (Patricia was his 4th wife, by the way)–the mother of his children–in such a financial mess she is barely scraping by. Has anyone called CVS or Walgreens to check his monthly scripts for Viagra? LMAO!

      Go, girl, Patricia–take Neiman for a lot more than the $1.4M Bobby churned your credit card over–get your punitive, make sure none of your friends shop there and we gals all appreciate more than you know standing up for those of us who do not have the dollars to fight back.

      Go Patricia!

  9. You have to know Bobby, to really know what kind of liar he really is!!

  10. I called her Flavi instead of Favi… All the same… She is Low or Lo. All the same….greedy cheater. Hope she learned her lesson but probably not. Will strike again as soon as she is enabled. Let’s remember her face so we don’t become her next victime.

  11. Agree with Diane V. Know the facts and story before commenting. It’s obvious that she did not need thoses ridiculous gifts while recovering. If Neiman Marcus and Flavi Lo cared, she, as the Personal Shopper, would have been in touch with Patricia, instead of the husband… What she sold was anything she could find to get her commission. Someone in bed does not need purses. By the time she recovered, they were out of style.. and furs??? Neiman Marcus is responsible for not taking the merchandise back, since their policy is to take anything back, and not having their greedy unscrupulous and dishonest employee Flavi Lo disciplined. There is a system to track the sales and someone had to know. Her commission ranged from 6 to 9 % depending on the items. She is a disgrace to her co workers and the store but Neman Marcus said that she did nothing wrong, therefore giving the message that all employes can use sex as a gift with purchase…..

  12. PS–and is this a classic case of the morons running Neiman Marcus being penny wise and pound foolish. They shoudl have just given Patricia her money back. I’d like to know if Craig Watkins is going to prosecute Favi and Bob–after all he doesn’t have any problem arresting lots of other white people in Dallas these days for bogus crimes–no reverse racial profiling there, now is there.

  13. Ignorance of those who do not read the facts of a case.

    Patricia is a Walmart heir. She is so wealthy she does not do her own accounting, etc–and it’s kind of hard to do that when you are lying in a body cast for 8 months in a hospital and then in a bed where you are allowed out of the bed twice a week and your first priority is not dying from decubitus and your next is trying to learn to walk again, and when your husband says he is taking care of everything and you believe him, well, excuse her for not dying. After all, it turns out as she was being lifelined to the hospital Bob ran home and wired a million bucks out of her separate account–if she was to die he shoudl have that before her kids did! He desrved it! So did Favi!

    Now then, what was Patricia to say to her husband as she was fighting to save a marriage she was worried would end because she was an invalid? Honey, I cannot wear that $4,000 purse because I need to get to my bedpan first? Do you honestly think she thought or anyone with one semblence of knowledge would allow someone to charge up over a million bucks of junk jewelry purchases with her credit card while she is lying in a hospital bed? In Florida? PLEASE.

    Neiman Marcus IS legally responsible for the conduct of its employees. If one of their employees lifted your wallet or raped you in a bathroom you are right that you would sue. Ironic how Patricia did not sue the boy who hit her head on while he was texting while driving, the accident where he died and Patricia might as well have. She did not sue his parents, as a mother she grieved for them. So, she is not some lawsuit crazy money grubbing wench–I believe you have her confused with Beast and Beastly–Bob and Favi.

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