UG Arrest: University of Georgia Professor Arrested in Prostitution Sting

We often follow the trials and travails of academics, but few are quite so bizarre as the recent arrest of University of Georgia professor of German Max Roland Reinhart, 65. Reinhart is facing a prostitution charge after his arrest in drag in an alleged meeting for the purposes of prostitution.

Police allege that Reinhart agreed to 30 minutes of sexual service for $60 at the Guest House Inn in Norcross, Georgia. What is interesting is the second charge of keeping a place of prostitution even though Reinhart only rented a room and did not run the house. Police say that Reinhart had a website advertising escort services under the name Sasha.

Reinhart holds the the A.G. Steer Professorship in Goethe Studies as an expert on German poet and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He also teaches German music and literature.

Like many schools, Georgia can proceed with disciplinary measures before a conviction — though it is a preferred practice to wait for a conviction given the accused presumption of innocence. As a tenured professor, discipline normally requires first a vote to strip a professor of tenure and then a vote to fire the professor. Reinhart properly reported his arrest under school rules.

Here is the rule from the Georgia handbook for professors:

Academic Affairs Policy ManualSection 1: Faculty1.13 Suspension and Dismissal
The president of an institution may at any time remove any faculty member or other employee of an institution for cause. Cause shall include willful or intentional violation of the policies of the Board of Regents or the approved statutes of an institution. Further causes or grounds for dismissal are set forth in the tenure regulations of the policies of the Board of Regents and in the approved statutes or bylaws of an institution (BoR Minutes, 1974-75, pp. 304-313; 1982-83, p. 23).

When a faculty member of any USG institution is charged with the violation of a state or federal law, or is indicted for any such offense, a thorough review of the circumstances shall be carried out by the president.

In the event a faculty member is temporarily suspended, the administration shall immediately convene an ad hoc faculty committee or utilize the services of an appropriate existing faculty committee for the purpose of hearing an appeal by the faculty member. The appeal shall be submitted in writing in accordance with procedures to be established by the hearing committee, which shall render its decision within ten (10) days from the conclusion of the hearing. Thereafter, any further appeal by the faculty member shall be in accordance with the procedures set forth in Article VIII of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents (BoR Minutes, 1969-70, p. 394).

Source: Athens

17 thoughts on “UG Arrest: University of Georgia Professor Arrested in Prostitution Sting”

  1. artiewhitefox 1, June 12, 2012 at 10:21 am

    Humans that arrest don’t know the soul saver Jesus not having him in them. In order to save the soul we need to be like him. Arresting, and or harming humans is not being like he is.
    You are what you are. It’s a good idea for other people to stay away from you. I’m getting older, but do you know what I would have done if you tried that with me. You don’t need to guess.

  2. Why didn’t he just fly over to Pahrump, Nevada and rent a gal for the weekend? It would have been more cost effective in the long run than trying to buy local.

  3. I don’t blame the guy for having the preferences he has. But don’t put it on the internet.

    Keep it to yourself. Sounds simplistic, but it isn’t.

    1. Humans that arrest don’t know the soul saver Jesus not having him in them. In order to save the soul we need to be like him. Arresting, and or harming humans is not being like he is.

  4. That guy needs to get a job teaching in Den Haag and then commute to Amsterdam. The problem is, no one there would pay him. The competition is a bit stiff.

  5. Doesn’t hurt me, but it might make the students uncomfortable. If they see the professor on the web dressed in drag. Advertising? Soliciting?

  6. Don’t maintain a website advertising escort services. That’s solicitation.

  7. More than anything, I think this is proof that teaching college doesn’t pay enough.

  8. Impossibility defense, coupled with entrapment. Under entrapment, he/she would have to show that he/she wouldn’t have committed the crime except as influenced by the LEO. That meets up with the impossibility defense. No one would pay 60 bucks for that. Or pay for that at all. It’s a stark impossibility. Gag!

    But still, prostitution laws are stupid. They create a black market, which in turn invites the worst of the worst to participate in them. They lead to women being corralled by pimps, which in my opinion are nothing less than slave owners in most cases, who typically control vulnerable women through drugs, violence, and rape. Pimps and human traffickers in the sex trade are simply the most vile people on earth. I have a special hatred for them after we busted up a shipment of slaves being sent from Croatia to Bahrain. They were chained, naked, and stacked in a cargo container, drugged out of their minds, in their own piss and shit. Two of them were dead from dehydration.

    Whatever floats your boat, provided it harms none, is my generic philosophy. Banning leads to abuse. Permission leads to regulation, testing to mitigate spread of STD’s, and supervision and protection under the law, so that the worst of the abuses can be mitigated. Women’s body, women’s (or man’s) choice.

  9. Laws against prostitution are generally ridiculous and unfairly enforced. While not my cup of tea I think this is more about Reinhart’s personal sexual titillations and less about the money.

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