Supreme Court To Rule On Health Care And Free Speech

The U.S. Supreme Court
I am currently scheduled to discuss the Supreme Court cases starting with MSNBC and then NPR’s Here and Now followed by Fox (Special Report) and CNN. I have been encouraging people to keep in mind that we are not just waiting for the Health Care ruling but the Stolen Valor case, the latter being a case with sweeping potential for free speech in the country.

Since I will be participating in the live coverage, postings may be slower than usual.

The Court will begin releasing the opinions at 10 am.

49 thoughts on “Supreme Court To Rule On Health Care And Free Speech”

  1. yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!



  2. well put me down as stunned beyond belief! They upheld the mandate . . . it will be interesting to see which ones care more about their place in history than in the 1%. Who defected & what reasons do they give? Wow!

  3. Right, Crawl and initial statement is modified- man, does this now open the door to a reprise and yearly battle with Congress?

  4. The Administration isn’t spiking the ball,but there’s a lot of “High Fiving” going on.

  5. I’m still clinging to my view that the ACA, including the individual mandate, is constitutional. Depending on what happens in the next couple of hours, I may be left clinging stubbornly.

  6. Is anyone expecting any curveballs from the Supremes? I think we should all wager if the word “broccoli” is used anywhere in the opinion!

  7. OT; what did i hear about the NRA getting involved in the attack against the AG?

  8. If congress would do what they are supposed to do….. Would we have these unsightly partisan battles…..

  9. So prof – do you have your comments prepared already? ACA stands minus the mandate because that is the best compromise of helping the GOP and the insurance industry. Stolen valor is a tougher call because it is harder to figure out where the little 5 will come down on it. Free speech has never been much of a concern for them (unless the free speech is paid for with wads of cash) so they have no consistent track record. They have been in favor of the government shutting up individuals too poor to buy politicians so I would bet on Stolen Valor being upheld, but I’d want odds.

  10. A vote doesn’t buy much these days, except for a hollow feeling of playing along with the illusion of representation.

    Governmental greed and inertia precludes any “speech” by the hoi polloi being considered.

    Y’all take care; I doubt I read this blog anymore, let alone comment.

    Peace to all.

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