Worst Thieves Ever: Virginia Men Steal Security Cameras and Leave Incriminating Tape

You know the problem with stealing security cameras? Being videotaped stealing the security cameras. Of course, some officers appear to forget about that dimension of destroying or stealing cameras.

This is one of the culprits who stole a security camera in Newport News, Virginia outside of the Second Baptist Church.

By the way, the police have stated “if you have any information, contact Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.” Lock-u-up? That would seem a rather odd choice for a witty number since the caller could view himself as the operative “you” as the one dialing the number. If so, he would be presumably giving information against himself. On the other hand, these are the only thieves who might respond to that pitch.

Source: WAVY as first seen on Reddit

9 thoughts on “Worst Thieves Ever: Virginia Men Steal Security Cameras and Leave Incriminating Tape”

  1. “I am concerned about the ever increasing cost of policing and prosecuting crime. Therefore, rather than wear gloves and a mask, I am making myself very identifiable. I hope that my efforts to reduce the taxpayer burden will be taken into consideration at my sentencing”.

  2. Well at least he will have the picture of his happy face to remind him of happier times while he, hopefully, spends some time cooling off in the (jail) cooler.

  3. Reminds me of Mitt signing SEC statements for three years after he said he was de-Bained in 1999 …

  4. “In addition, you are being scanned courtesy TSA. Movement detectors are in service and the POLICE will soon be here. FREEZE!!!!
    Courtesy of your friendly Piggly Wiggly store.”

  5. A couple of local businesses have added a line to the usual, “Premises are being videotaped at all times.” The added line reads, “recordings are maintained and stored off the premises.”

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