The Serial Groper: Brooklyn Man Arrested Again For Sexual Misconduct In New Jersey

Giovanni Verdelli, 60, was arrested after allegedly groping a Jersey City woman on a PATH train. Women in the area were rightfully shocked to learn that this is the 169th arrest of Verdelli — often for sexual molestation and misconduct of women and girls. He is a serial groper and it is not clear if 169 will be the charm to put him away.

Verdelli is now charged with two counts of criminal sexual misconduct and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He faces a maximum of 18 months in jail.

Verdelli’s record goes back to the 1970s. His most recent arrest came after a woman gave officers a cell phone picture that she took after a prior groping.

He is already on the sexual offender registry. The problem is that groping is a relatively minor offense so Verdelli does not spend much time in jail — as is the case with the minor theft arrests on his record. The question is what to do. Recidivist laws are often criticized for allowing relatively minor offenses to result in life imprisonment. Yet, Verdelli is clearly a habitual offender who will continue to grope and molest women.

I think that a court should consider the maximum sentence in this case given this record.

Source: CBS

10 thoughts on “The Serial Groper: Brooklyn Man Arrested Again For Sexual Misconduct In New Jersey”

  1. Haaa! He is gaming the system. Best way to get roof and board for six months. Gets him through the winter. And the rest of the year he runs much faster.
    With that appearance, would anyone dare stand next to him.

  2. You think he would have learned something after the 168th arrest… 🙂

  3. I saw this guy in the Piggly Wiggly groping the Cheerios boxes. I never new what a serial groper was until I saw this guy in action. The Wheaties did not stand a chance.

  4. Most boys abandon copping a feel at 12. It was comparable to snatching a candy and running out of the shop. Childish in other words.

    What drives such an offender as an “adult(?)” is a question

    But with such a low magnitude of punishment, neither chemical csstration nor forced treatment are possible.

    Could he be tied indefinitely with a foot alarm and blocked from the transport system as a serial criminal recidivist?

  5. Does the same standard apply for George Bush and Margie Shoedinger…google this

  6. 169 arrests!! can I assume maybe 300…or 3000 additional gropes where he was not arrested?. I would be amazed if this guys medical history is not full of broken nose, facial contusions, a series of 5 or 10 minute episodes bent over unable to function while holding his groin.
    Is there a law that allows immediate response to a physical insult. I have seen men punched under similar circumstance, and in my limited knowledge the instigator (groper in this case) was simply removed from the scene.
    My question is, Would a woman that suffers this imbeciles insulting attention be liable to assault charges for a well aimed (kick, knee, punch) to the groin? How about if her boyfriend were to do it, or just a decent bystander?
    I understand free speech is protected, there is no free grope protection.
    ( Oh dear, I should stop now….) oops….just ask any married man !!!!!!!

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