Jersey Woman Arrested for Allegedly Arranging For Robbery And Beating of Former Boyfriend

This happy picture is Margaux Tocci, 19, after she was arrested for allegedly arranging for her former boyfriend to come to a New Jersey schoolyard to be beaten and robbed.

Police say that Tocci and her current boyfriend, Daniel Chaupiz, 20, were responsible for the attack with two other men.

Tocci allegedly asked the boyfriend to drive around in her new car and then took him to the schoolyard, where she suggested that they take a walk.

Three men then jumped the victim with a baseball bat and pipe. Tocci then allegedly left with the men with her former boyfriend’s cash.

Tocci is charged with robbery and theft.

Chaupiz was charged with aggravated assault and robbery. A third man, Samer Saleh, 25, is charged with robbery, theft and causing serious bodily injury.

It was Saleh that police say revealed the alleged conspiracy. An off-duty police officer from another town allegedly heard him bragging about his involvement in an attack and informed the police.

Source: Daily Record

14 thoughts on “Jersey Woman Arrested for Allegedly Arranging For Robbery And Beating of Former Boyfriend”

  1. I can not believe that I actually was engaged to Samer saleh. He is a lair. I thought he was going to court for something else and I decided to google his name and I find this. I’m ashamed to even say I knew this man. Let’s just say he Will lie about anything. He told me his mother was dead and come to find out she’s not. He deserves everything that’s being handed to him!!

  2. Looks like she’s happy enough about it. She’s still got two. She’ll do the same thing to them.

  3. Isn’t there a conspiracy charge available here that would equalize the blame for this unprovoked assault among all four of those responsible? The men may have been dumb as a box of rocks in agreeing to participate, but it doesn’t seem to have been their original idea, and the woman certainly doesn’t deserve to enjoy a lesser charge.

  4. We used a tactic that occasionally worked. Whenever we had a case where an unknown person but suspected local committed a crime that the news would be interested in, we fed the newspaper a piece of non-material but false information. Usually this was reporting the suspect as wearing a red shirt when he actually wore a blue shirt. Once in a while this would cause the suspect to go bragging to his friends that the police got the wrong guy because he was really wearing the blue shirt. Someone would over-hear this and we would get a phone call naming our suspect. Of course, when it did work, the local bars usually were the venue for the event.

  5. What Frankly said. This lady should spend some alone time behind bars to fully understand what she did wrong.

  6. GOSH! How could a woman get a current boyfriend to attack a former boyfriend . . . yeah likes thats a real puzzler. The current bf was thinking with his little head not thinking with his big head.

    Hopefully a jury can wipe that smirk off her face. Nick – it probably still is upscale thats why they took 3 guys with bats & pipes to beat one guy.

  7. I had a college roommate from Wyckoff. It was a pretty upscale town back in the 70’s.

  8. She looks anorexic, meth user, or both. The latter may be the motive.

  9. She’s so happy looking because she got two idiots to do her dirty work while she will get away with her involvement. Why would these two guys do this? I think they were expecting something in return. Or I just a swine-o?

  10. Bragging rights could get you prison rights…..stupid…. I wonder why Tocci needed to have her former boyfriend beaten up….

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