Meet Joe DeAngelo: Dead Man Floating

It was a grizzly scene along the banks of the Susquehanna River as witnesses, police, and the coroner stared at the corpse floating in the water. After taping off the crime scene and with the coroner on hand, the police were entering the water to retrieve the corpse when it sat up. Lycoming County Coroner Charles E. Kiessling Jr. no doubt spoke for many in saying “Let me tell you, it was quite a shock for us.”

The emergency crews were debating the best way to retrieve the body when Joe got up. DeAngelo explained later that he was taking a nap and woke not — not due to the arrival of police, coroner, or ambulance but when a dragonfly landed on his nose. He was wearing pants and a life jacket. In the world’s best response, he explained “I didn’t mean to worry anyone” and it is nice sometimes “just to float and forget your troubles.”

This is a problem that had long plagued city officials, though some would not allow an inconveniently alive subject to stop municipal work:

Source: Sacramento Bee

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  1. Just go to sleep at home. Don’t sleep floating in the river.

    Rest areas are rest areas. If people are drowsy they should pull over and go to sleep. If it looks like you’re dead for more than a few hours call the cops.

  2. And, on the other hand, I have a friend who was driving but very tired, so pulled into a rest area to take a nap. He was awakened by the emergency squad trying to break into his car to check on him…..

  3. An extended family member’s husband was in a car along a road in NC for a few hours. Folks got suspicious and checked it out. He was dead. Natural causes.

  4. AY:

    why? he did not call the authorities.

    I fell asleep in my car at a shopping mall and woke to find a police car circling.

  5. If you want to float without a care, try TM meditation.
    The only time I and 5 other strangers tried an intro (barebones, no cult at all) the sensation was so good that none of us wanted to come back to reality.
    The leader was accustomed to that and insisted until we sat up and went to take our showers together coed style. No sex while I was there.

    Anybody tried it? I never have since then.

  6. After Hurrican Agnes in June 1972 there were numerous bodies floating in the Susquehana River. I was a student in Wilkes-Barre @ the time. This horrible flood tore up cemetaries creating a biohazard. The Feds had cleanup crews which I worked that summer. The crews cleaning up houses and businesses got paid pretty well. The crews cleaning up dead bodies from the Susquehana got moon suits and 5 times the pay. I worked the former.

  7. “So, the question comes….. Do they bill him for the services provided……”


    I had the same thought. These days you never know.

  8. So, the question comes….. Do they bill him for the services provided……

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