The Third Rule Of Fight Club: Don’t Use Toddlers

Three Delaware day care givers — Tiana Harris, 19, Lisa Parker, 47, and Estefania Myers, 21 — have been charged with organizing a type of baby fight club where they encouraged 3-year-olds to fight for their entertainment. We now know the third rule of fight club after you don’t talk about fight club you don’t talk about fight club . . . you don’t use pre-school toddlers.

The three defendants were employees of the Hands of Our Future Daycare in Dover and were arrested after a cellphone video of the fight was passed around. On the video, one of them yells at a toddler not to pinch — only punch.

The women were charged with assault, endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangering and conspiracy. We have also seen parents teaching their own kids to be combatants (here and here and here).

It is still not known which of the women not only wanting to watch toddlers fight but wanted to record it for continued enjoyment later.

Source: CBS

18 thoughts on “The Third Rule Of Fight Club: Don’t Use Toddlers”

  1. Darren,

    For shame! Sullying legitimate gorgons everywhere who have no interest in making babies fight but rather live their lives selflessly in the pursuit of turning Greek sailors and demi-gods into stone. :mrgreen:

    I do understand the temptation though.
    “Gorgon” is just a great word.

  2. When my own kid was two, his father tried to force him into physically fighting to retain a toy when another two-year-old grabbed it; in one of the 28 custody battles that followed this brilliant parental maneuver, a witness brought up this incident in defense of my own parenting, because I had quickly replaced the toy and diverted the attention of both toddlers while my ex went into a lengthy diatribe (which neither kid understood of course) about how I was training my son for eventual homosexuality. (Not entering into a physical fight at the slightest provocation destroys heterosexual genes, you see.) Later a respected jurist from Virginia (you know him, Mespo) opined that this was all about two widely divergent, but both acceptable, parenting styles: “He wants to give the kid a gun and she wants to give the kid a violin.”

    I don’t think Judge Bach should do day-care, either, by the way. In fact I wonder if Virginia Judge Magistrate Robert Zimmerman Senior ever got his boys to fight in order to develop their masculinity — interesting question, don’t know if the data exists to answer it accurately, though.

  3. The Gorgons here should also be barred for life on working in a daycare or any other facility involving children.

    I hope in this case the assault is classified as a felony. Since the three were using the children as instruments to assault the other children, in my view it is no different than if the gorgons were doing the actual hitting.

  4. they’re scabs in training for when romney& co start to break up the lollypop guild.

  5. rafflaw, Good job bringing us all down to reality. Of course it is child abuse. Sadly, this is @ the lower end of the spectrum.

  6. Blatant child abuse. These felons should be given some quiet time in prison to get them to understand how disgusting this is. I would think the parents of these kids will be seeing these employees and their boss(es) in civil court as well.

  7. Gee, and all this time I have been trying to get youngster in my care to sort out their differences without hitting each other. I didn’t know that it was a sport and I should have been recording it

    Hitting sometimes is an expression of frustration, not real malice. The challenge is finding other ways of dealing with the frustration.

  8. Jail seems appropriate IMO, and a hefty civil suit award against the daycare center. If daycare centers are licenced in Delaware the center should lose its licence.

    There are a lot of videos on the interwebs of toddlers fighting, either on their own or at the urging of adults. It’s depraved, if your kids are fighting your first impulse shouldn’t be to grab your phone and record it.

  9. I have observed in my journeys, on many an occasion Adults treating 3 yr olds as adults. Offering 3 yr old choices that are totally beyond their young minds to grasp.
    I have seen 3 year olds ridiculed for being stupid, when they make poor choices that should never have been offered them. I have seen the confusion on their faces, put there
    because they do not have the capability of understanding and yet are demanded to understand.
    It is fruitless to demand full ears of corn from a 3 week old plant. I have see parents and their peers ask this of 3 yr olds. It does not work, and I see tremendous ill health in this
    ingrained treatment of children.
    Too soon old too late smart holds true for me. I could have done better in my past. I can do better now and in the future, (I hope) and will.
    3 year olds need to be confronted with 3 year old choices, 5s with 5s, 10s with 10s, etc. Parenting is a huge challenge this is one of them.

    PS. I was well secured in my early career on one mail route for 3 years.
    I left that route on purpose, my daughters were quite young, and I projected my feelings for them onto the youths I observed on my route. I often felt a sadness and even a depression for my projected vision of these youths future.
    Darrell (specifically) This is one huge reason I feel about why I could never be a cop. Dealing with the moment and situation is what cops do, I think I would have brought my work and despondency home with me.
    Major Kudos to Policeman, Fireman, and Ambulance techs, that can be responsible in their jobs and lead a healthy life.

  10. The three defendants were employees of the Hands of Our Future Daycare in Dover

    Gonna have to change the name of the daycare to “Fists of Our Future.”

  11. I risk being repetitive but at times it is warranted.

    Sanity weeps while hope bleeds.

    PS. did the pugilists get a beer and a joint when the fight was over ?
    ……did the winner get to skip his nap as a prize ?

  12. Maybe this is a reaction to the US Olmpic Boxing Team not winning any medals. The US used to dominate.

  13. Of course you want to teach the kids to fight at an early age! How else do you expect them to know how to resolve differences when they get older? At least until they get old enough to handle a gun.

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