16 thoughts on “Best Silo Collapse Ever”

  1. Wow. Just like WTC 7. I had no idea that Osama’s magic could cause silos to collapse just as easily as he made WTC 7 to fall down go boom – and the
    silo didn’t even have the silly excuse of a few small fires. Our government
    shouldn’t have killed Osama, they should have hired him for his brains and ability to harness Muslim physics to bring down tall structures without the necessity of old-fashion controlled demolition or fake planes flying into (and thru) them.

  2. Strange, it looked to me like it was walking and then fell into the ground as though it was going into the water. Weird.

  3. They are essentially thin corrugated sheet metal bolted together without any framework, a soda can has much more structural integrity. If they lean over a bit or get creased they can collapse, especially when empty (the filling, even if loose grain, greatly strengthens the structure). In the second video, they probably wouldn’t have collapsed if both were filled with grain (the right hand silo is empty).

  4. Now that you are an expert in silo collapses….. Will you distinguish between grain silos, missile or nuclear ones……

    Pretty cool….

    It reminds me of a bumper sticker I read….

    Sitting around a campfire…… And the caption says…… It’s all fun and games until someone looses a weiner…..

  5. This is what’s referred to as “Died peacefully in his sleep” in silo culture.

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