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  1. I have a perpetual motion clock. A few months ago, it was stopped. Started it again, and it’s still going.

  2. Yeah, I knew there was a catch somewhere.

    When did you last visit a black hole? You kept well away from the event horizon? Been there, done that.

    No reply expected.

  3. “…does it matter where we place the Foucault pendulum in the universe?”

    No, as long as we stay out of the inside of things like stars and the event horizon of black holes. It has to be somewhere there is gravity present sufficient to keep the supporting line taut and the weight does not float off, but otherwise, Foucault’s principle will work just about anywhere.

  4. Ask stupid questions and you get both fully informed and funny answers.

    The funny one first: Yeah, one hundred percent right, BUT GM did kill their all too successful electric car which was leased to its 100K users. The battery developer, an aging gentleman claimed it was to stop him from developing an even better battery. I have forgotten the car’s name.

    I was hoping for confirmation as to how the “interference forces/waves” were produced and transmitted. Instead we get an eminently interesting presentation of the Foucault pendulum.
    The sensitivity to long term rotation of attracting mass, even that outside of the earth’s one, was thought-provoking. I will have to consider how the period lengthens when position is moved from the pole position. Not immediately apparent.

    The matter of it’s sensitivity to the universe’s eventual rotation is interesting in itself.
    It brings to mind the requirement/theory that no place in the universe is better or more privileged than another. The period of rotation around the galaxy places a question as to the capability to detect small deviations from the calcuable ones dependent on the nearer effecting ones: earth rotation and orbit around the sun.
    So with respect to all places being equal in the universe in terms of placement, the question remains: does it matter where we place the Foucault pendulum in the universe?

    It also reminds of the claim that the resistance of mass to acceleration is due to it being effected by the combined gravitational forces of the whole universe. In a few quintillion years, as the universe expands and the distance increases and thus the gravitaional effect decreases, perhaps our mass in free space will diminish and even speeds faster than light can be achieved.

    However we could still break our necks if we should fall off a laddder here on earth.

  5. 707 – any mention of “free” energy is required by the international code of scientifically illiterate conmen to include either death threats or actual murders as proof positive that they just have to work. If there were no murders it would prove that THEY were not afraid of it.

    I, for instance, have a device that gives me 150 MPG on my full-sized four-door sedan. But “Detroit” would have me killed if I produced it. Send me $1000 however and I will send you my book so you can build one at home – just never tell anyone you have it or they may come for you. I have sold this to thousands of people & only the ones who have talked about it are dead!

  6. I707, you are referring to a Foucault pendulum. Here is a video of Dr. Jim LaBelle of Dartmouth explaining how it works. Dr. LaBelle is professor of astronomy and physics at Dartmouth.


    The pendulum is kept going by a small electromagnet embedded in the floor under the center of the pendulum. The magnet pulls it when the pendulum starts its swing toward the center and then cuts off as the pendulum goes over the magnet so the magnet will not slow the swing away from the center. The pendulum is started by attaching a tread to the pendulum and pulling it out to the perimeter. When all random motion is stopped, the thread is burned in two with a flame, releasing the pendulum. If the pendulum were started with a push, it would introduce all kinds of erratic motion to the pendulum that might last for a very long time.

    Here is a simple explanation of the Foucault pendulum from Wikipedia:


  7. OS, whenever I would post a youtube link with “=Related” on the end it would not work, I had to remove that.


  8. Otteray:

    I suspect, thought I have not tested this, the reason the URL you posted for that video did not embed was due to the protocol being https instead of just http.

    Prolly might work if you used just http

    Might try it for next time.

  9. There is a different pendulum demonstration at the Tech museum. 30 foot wire pendulum with weight skimming the floor. At the hours pass the axis of the swing makes a circle, thus small wooden blocks are knocksd down successively. Coriolis effect?

    The blogs demo mentioned interference effects.
    This must be transmitted by either the air or the beam from which all are suspended. If it is the beam then a sufficiently damped or stiff beam would not pass on the forces exerted by the individual pendula, and the effects would be eliminated. The visual effects of the different periods would remain of course.

    Corrections welcome.

  10. Any clue why they said a couple of guys had been shot at after they had made a commercial size demonstartion?

    Would it only be the power companies who would object?

    This raises a lot of questions: Where does the power come from? How much power can be generated? Could the rotation drive an electric generator? And lots more.

  11. WHY DIDN’T THEY FINISH IT??? I wanted to watch till it settled down and stopped! That was totally cool!

    And I really love this one. FREE magnetic energy so simple that even I could understand it!

  12. Not sure why these videos did not embed. WordPress must have changed the rules for which code to use for embedding.

  13. Another view of pendulum waves. The weights appear to be billiard balls. Note the frequency of the shortest pendulum is about twice that of the longest.

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