Dead as Disco: Band Continues To Play After Drummer Dies On Stage

The aging American disco ban Generation Esmeralda experienced a bizarre tragedy in Rio this week. Drummer Brad Parker, 59, collapsed on stage and the band continued to play without coming to his aid. It is not clear whether assistance might have saved Parker who had suffered a heart attack mid show.

By the time that a doctor was called, Parker was, to use the common phrase, dead as disco.

The question is whether the delay in medical treatment could be the basis for liability as negligence. The answer would seem to be no. Ironically, given the idiosyncratic behavior of rockers and performers, the slumping of the drummer may have been less notable or strange.

17 thoughts on “Dead as Disco: Band Continues To Play After Drummer Dies On Stage”

  1. Bruce 1, September 27, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    Dred you should move back into a cave
    Maybe he already did. Buy peanut butter.

  2. Two people went over there to help him. There wasn’t anything the band members could have done that the other two weren’t doing, unless one of them’s a doctor (which I really doubt). It did look like the one guy was watching; he probably didn’t see what had happened and was trying to figure it out. It’s not like they all saw exactly what happened and stepped over him or anything!

  3. Wow — I can understand that possibly the other musicians did not notice (sort of like a truck driver not noticing someone under his right rear wheel or something) but it does look like SOMEONE ran over — can’t tell who.

    Meanwhile, that rendition of “Misunderstood” was kind of soulless, IMHO. Listen to this:


    WoW! no one castigated Dredd for his thinly concealed OT posting as the first comment. ?

    I am not doing so, I don’t care, even if it is semi-rude; just noticed the lack of objection is all. 🙂

  5. There is a blond guy who walks right back by him. Hard to tell if he continued walking or might have gone to his assistance or went to get help. Maybe the group just didnt want to scare the audience? (I figure there has to be some decent way of explaining thier behavior)

  6. Is it Generation or Santa’s Esmeralda……. I’ve heard of Santa’s Esmeralda…. A nice you lady the 70s turned me on to it…..

  7. I’m not sure what kind of musicians these guys are when they didn’t even realize they’d lost the beat.

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