Florida Man Arrested For Returning Used Enemas For Refunds

This is not a case that you want to take before a jury. Ronald Eugene Robinson, 35, in Jacksonville, Florida is accused of using enemas and then returning the “pre-packaged CVS Pharmacy Ready-to-Use enemas” to the shelves of a CVS pharmacy. What is most interesting about this case (ok one of the most interesting things) is that this is a federal case since the incident is being treated as product tampering.

It seems likely that he was after the refund since people who engage in criminal tampering often try to return products without being detected. In this case, pharmacy worker, Dustin McDonald, told police that Robinson told him that he bought the enema for his mother who no longer needed them. Suspicious, he decided “check the box of enemas” and “observed that all the enemas were used.” He found that someone had “re-glued the bottom of the box so that it appeared that it had not been opened.” However, the indictment says that other enemas were subsequently sold to unsuspecting customers, who have been notified by letter. Now that would be quite a letter to receive.

Robinson is charged with acting with “reckless disregard” and placed others “in danger of death or bodily injury.” He could received a maximum of ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine. That may seem a bit unlikely for a refund fraud (with risk to others) but Robinson also has a lengthy rap sheet including arrests for burglary, battery, passing bad checks, damage to property, and criminal mischief.

My main interest is the liability for CVS. If anyone used these products, it would seem a remarkably strong case for negligent infliction of emotional distress as well as straight negligence. In addition, if a jury determines that the tampering should have been detected with simple inspection, there could be a demand for punitive damages.

On the criminal side, how long do you think Robinson should get for such an alleged crime?

Source: WPTV

34 thoughts on “Florida Man Arrested For Returning Used Enemas For Refunds

  1. The manufacturer might also be liable if the packaging was not designed so that store employees could detect tampering. Most products have that clear plastic wrap.

  2. Yuck! Sick individual! CVS has a duty to make its packaging tamper resistant and it’s employees and surveillance equipment need to spot a crook like this or the used goods he leaves behind.

  3. How long he should get for the alleged crime? A year scrubbing toilets in a homeless shelter. Considering his record this would be mild punishment.

    Disgusting that he would return used products to store. Even more disgusting if you happened to buy one of those containers with the used items in it. I’ve never sued anyone but this would be a frirst. But then we don’t really know who’s had their hands in what we buy these days.

  4. The culpable conduct may not arise to a felony under the Florida criminal code; hence, the pursuit of federal charges. Florida has codified the common law distinction between assault and battery – and that may be the difficulty in finding an appropriate state felony charge: many other states have, on the other hand, subsumed attempted assault as one definition of assault. In Missouri where I live, if a prosecutor proceeded on the basis that an already used enema is a “dangerous instrument” and the accused “[attempted] to cause or knowingly causes physical injury to another person by means of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument” (Sec. 565.045(2)), I could see probable cause for assault second degree, a felony (up to seven years prison), and, depending on the number of prior felony pleas/convictions, up to 15 years. Argue attempts to/knowingly causes serious physical injury to another person, the charge moves to assault first: 5-15 years or, if two or more prior felony convictions: 10-30 years or life.

  5. I didn’t catch the brand name (was it the Italian brand of Preparation H called “Innuendo”)?

    This case may give new meaning to “anal retentive”.

  6. Magginkat’s community service suggestion sounds right. And, he should also be required to pick up dog poop in my yard. I’ll feed him some chipped beef on toast for lunch. I think folks over 50 will get the lunch reference…SOS.

  7. OK, this case needs to fly beneath my radar. I really need to contemplate cases involving the life interest, and let someone like Todd Aiken deal with this…stuff. :mrgreen:

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  11. Did NOT read this , I saw the headline jumped straight to comment. If this becomes epidemic in our country I will move. I am having coffee my day will continue quite well even lacking the knowledge of what is contained in the enem……oops article !!!!! :)

  12. Each time I turn around a person is being arrested for this, and that with no mercy at all. How could an enema not work? There is one judge above all. You know of whom I speak.

  13. Depending on his offender score, I don’t believe it would be reasonable for a person doing this to receive any less that 5 years in federal prison. This is not a case of a person buying a bottle of sleeping pills, pouring half out, and then returning the bottle for a full refund, the reward being a free half bottle of pills. This is a case of crminal recklessness. HIV and other pathogens can be spread to other people by reusing enemas. The trust and intregrety of retailers has to be maintained as well. Doing this can risk the lives and health of every person who brought one of his returned products. The maximum should be sought.

  14. Darren is right again. Product tampering is serious business. A few years in the crowbar hotel is letting the culprit off easy, compared to the harm he could cause others if he has any kind of infectious disease or parasite.

    Ever since the Tylenol murders, I not only check the outer package seal, I check the container itself. And if possible look at the product, especially if it is capsules. If pills, do they look abnormal as if it might have been made in a homemade pill press. I do not buy any over the counter medication, medical product, or food item that has a broken seal, or that has been obviously resealed.

  15. I think that given this crooks record, he needs more re-education at a state institution again. I think ten years is about right for this kind of really dangerous tampering.

  16. Dredd,

    Thanks for analmosity. It is the enerigizer I need right now. But you poor people have it worse in general than I do. No ads to endure, if I am content with the Swedish PBS here.

  17. I just read 18 USC Sec. 1685(a). I can see how easy it would be to get an idictment, but this statute seems much more aimed at someone maliciously trying to harm the public, as opposed to some a-hole trying to get a refund. The US Attorney in Jacksonville must have a lot of extra money and a lot of idle attorneys to charge this crap. Pun…intended.

  18. His mother did it. She put them back in the boxes and glued them. “Here, sonny boy take these back and get a refund.”
    What does he know? Just one of many trips around the shopping circuit.

    They should demand some dna butt testing to see who the true rear ender was in this collision. He was telling the truth. He bought them for his mom who no longer needed them. No receipt? Maybe he found the collection in the dumpster behind the veternary clinic.

  19. In the Pacific islands region, the native inhabitants use fresh finely ground fronds of the C. nucifera or coconut palm to relieve constipation and other lower digestive tract distress. The fronds are ground in a mortar and pestle, and then inserted into the proper orifice and within a few minutes the user experiences relief. Linguists cite the use of these fronds as the origin of a common aphorism: “With fronds like this, who needs enemas”?

  20. However, the indictment says that other enemas were subsequently sold to unsuspecting customers, who have been notified by letter. Now that would be quite a letter to receive.
    How does he know they were notified by letter. They should have known it in the first place.
    Robinson is charged with acting with “reckless disregard” and placed others “in danger of death or bodily injury.” He could received a maximum of ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine. That may seem a bit unlikely for a refund fraud (with risk to others) but Robinson also has a lengthy rap sheet including arrests for burglary, battery, passing bad checks, damage
    to property, and criminal mischief.
    Sounds like reckless disregard and criminal mischief. No refund.

  21. “Robinson also has a lengthy rap sheet including arrests for burglary, battery, passing bad checks, damage to property, and criminal mischief.”

    Oh! And here I thought he was just constipated!

  22. Matt J, you ask who was constipated. I dunno, but Robinson was the one who purchased disposable enemas, used them, and then returned them. So I was guessing HE was. 😕

  23. Duct tape his hands together in front of him, then jam a garden hose up his butt and turn it on till he explodes…………

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