The Twit Made The Top Twitter Twenty!

I know that being a twit would pay off someday, no matter what my parents said. I was just sent this list of The 20 Biggest Stars on Twitter by one of our regulars who spotted my name. Our twitter numbers have been growing steadily with the traffic on the blog (indeed the number given on the listing is now higher). We are currently at around 6000 followers on twitter. I generally notify people of posting and occasionally (when I remember) of media appearances or gripes. You can join our merry group by hitting the follow button to the right of this story.

Notably, our annual competitor in the ABA opinion blog contest, Eugene Volokh is next below me on the list. We appear locked in some strange orbit — perhaps a type of magnetic pull of conservative and liberal electrons and neutrons.

Just ahead on the list composed by Business Insider is NYT reporter Adam Liptak and NPR’s Nina Totenberg. We all remain small in comparison to the followers for the ACLU *#2) and the winner 1) Mark R. Matthews with a following of 149,381; Matthews is described as “a North Carolina attorney who describes himself as conservative but not Republican, . . . [who] asks provocative questions about whether the Obama campaign is breaking the law by making recess appointments, and he keeps his followers updated on hot-button cases on voter ID laws.” Congratulations to Mr. Matthews and the rest of the Top Twitter Twenty.

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  1. But the Michelle Dockery who appears in a huge fashion spread in the September Harper's Bazaar is another creature entirely. With her dark hair flowing, Dockery is decked out in gowns by Tom Ford, J. Mendel and Alberta Ferretti, looking as contemporary as she does elegant and dramatic.

  2. Otteray Scribe 1, October 18, 2012 at 7:22 am

    I have steadfastly resisted both Twitter and Facebook to date. This news will make me reconsider Twitter. Thinking, thinking….
    Would this change one’s mind?:

    Twitter has for the first time blocked an account using a new tool that allows it to bar content in individual countries, shutting out a banned German neo-Nazi group at the behest of local authorities.

    Twitter spokesman Dirk Hensen told The Associated Press in an email Thursday that the account (at)hannoverticker has been blocked only in Germany, where its content is considered illegal.

    (HuffPo). Free speech is a relative term as usual.

  3. Blouise, Too many people limit their contacts to people who think like them. What a boring, myopic world.

  4. Interesting aside: According to a recent survey by Pew Research, nearly one-fifth of people admit to blocking, unfriending or hiding someone on social media because of their political postings while 38 percent say they were surprised to learn that the political leanings of others were different than they imagined.

  5. It’s not about quantities but qualities. A lot of numbers could only mean better marketing or curiosity; and at the end of the day who really cares.
    Twitter and Facebook has other purposes, that i don’t agree with.

  6. I have steadfastly resisted both Twitter and Facebook to date. This news will make me reconsider Twitter. Thinking, thinking….

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