Voter Suppression: Arizona Woman Runs Over Husband For Not Voting Against Obama

Holly Solomon, 28, really really does not like President Barack Obama. The six-month pregnant Arizona woman was arrested for allegedly running over her husband with her SUV after learning that he did not take the time to vote for Romney last week. She believed a second term would be a disaster for her family and she appears to be right: she is now facing charges of domestic violence and aggravated assault.

Daniel Solomon apparently tried to escape by ducking behind a light post and then making a run for it. However, his wife — and their SUV — made quick work of that.

She has a great defense: she was just trying to scare him but failed to hit the brake in time. She will likely have to explain later — he remains in critical condition.

This could be an interesting voir dire. Do the attorneys strike Obama and Romney supporters respectively? That would leave a jury of Jill Stein supporters, which would likely find the most disturbing element to be the continued use of a gas-guzzling SUV.

Source: NY Daily News

38 thoughts on “Voter Suppression: Arizona Woman Runs Over Husband For Not Voting Against Obama”

  1. Wow … if she’d do that to a loved one, god only knows what she’d do to an actual Obama voter … or a vehicle with an Obama sticker.

  2. It appears the wife wasn’t into that compassionate conservatism stuff that held reign prior to President Obama. I hope for a full recovery to the husband.

  3. I would spend a lot of time on voir dire asking potential jurors if they take their right to vote and their duty to vote seriously. Their duty to vote for guilt or innocence is far more importantant than their right to vote for Obama or the Mittster. I would make light of the fact that she ran him over. Sum itchBay deserved it if you are a right wing Romney nut. Therefore, you have established the defense of insanity. Ya gotta be crazy to vote for Romeny and the the extent of insanity does not matter. She looks crazy too.

    I would strike anyone on the panel with a first name or last name Hussein. I would have a lot of folks show up in the courtroom audience with Get Out The Vote buttons on their shirts.

  4. Bron made reference to the combination of hormones and pregnancy. I don’t know if that’s true, but that combo certainly shouldn’t be ruled out. I remember a friend telling me that during her pregnancy she went ballistic one day and had a huge fight with her husband because the trees on the street behind hers were taller than those on her street. Now, consider the amount of ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) that affects a lot of conservatives who don’t have the mitigating circumstance of being pregnant.

  5. Bron – in which case ACA becomes even more important because it will keep them insured until she finds a new job or he is up and around to work again.

    We can play this game all day.

  6. It always amazes me that some cannot see the forest for the trees. How many people have been ostracized because of the election?

  7. Mr. Turley, Love your last paragraph! Someone should frame the mugshot and present it as a gift @ the baby shower. It would look nice on the baby’s bedroom wall.

  8. hormones from pregnancy.

    But you have to laud her dedication.

    Frankly: you make a good point. Although she may have lost her job in the rash of layoffs that have happened and will happen.

  9. Thank Pasta the guy will be covered by Obamacare or she could be bankrupted by the medical expenses!

  10. I think I know some people on and off the list if they thought they could get away with it…. Would do it….

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